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Frequently Asked Questions

DNS & Domains

Popular Questions

Why do you need access to my Domain Registrar?
Two main reasons.

In order to provide the most inclusive level of tracking on Google Search Console, we need domain level access to your site.

Whether someone goes to
  • or

It will be tracked in Search Console.

If we don't have that level of access, we can only track the exact URL.

If you're purchasing a website with us, domain registrar access is needed if you'd like us to update your A record (taking the website live).
Can I make the changes on my end?
Absolutely! Keep in mind that without logins, we're unable to troubleshoot a downed site if it's due to DNS errors.

Technical Questions

What is DNS?
DNS stands for The Domain Name System. You can think of it like a phone book (in a world where you can only ever have one phone). While humans visit websites using domains (like or, DNS translates those domains to IP addresses so that browsers can load the correct resources.
What's the difference between a domain and a URL?
A domain is the root -

A URL is the full path that a browser follows to find your site files - URLs can have many different structures that will lead to the same place (www vs non, http vs https) but a domain is always domain.tld (top level domain - .com, .org, .net, etc.)

What is a Domain Registrar?
A domain registrar is the website that hosts your domain. Common domain registrars are GoDaddy, Google Domains, Network Solutions, and
What is a nameserver?
A nameserver is a server that translates and directs domains to IP addresses. Oftentimes, the domain registrar has in-house nameservers (the default). If you are using a separate nameserver, you'll need to provide logins - as that's where we'll need to go to update the records for your domain.

Billing and Ownership

Does One Firefly own my domain?
We do not, but we can assist you in purchasing one if needed.
Why are we paying you for hosting?
All websites are comprised of folders and files that contain the elements of your site. Those folders and files all need to live somewhere that a domain can be directed towards.

When we host your website, we're keeping all those files safe, locked down, and monitored. This allows us to provide support, take backups, monitor uptime, and ensure that your site is safe from malicious attacks.

Updates and Rebranding

Is it possible to have two domains?
In a way, yes. We'll use one as a primary domain, and the other (or the others) will redirect towards it.
Can I change my domain without hurting my SEO?
There are many factors to consider when changing your domain - how long you've had the domain, how powerful your website's SEO is currently performing, and how closely your domain name itself describes your services. One Firefly can help you decide whether changing your domain name is a worthwhile investment.

There are ways to make the transition between domains go smoothly, but Google (and other search engines) need to recrawl your site with the new URLs so you might see a temporary dip in traffic until that's been completed. With the correct redirects and planning, your SEO ranking can be maintained.