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Press & Awards

Check back here often for the latest news on our new product releases, awards, recognitions, and other exciting achievements.

Press & Awards

Check back here often for the latest news on our new product releases, awards, recognitions, and other exciting achievements.

One Firefly Unveils Comprehensive Content Marketing Solutions Aimed at Technology Integrators

December 28, 2015

Davie, FL  December 28, 2015

One Firefly, LLC, a full-service marketing agency and design firm, is proud to introduce its revamped comprehensive content marketing solutions that take a collaborative and integrated approach to branding, communications and online presence to help members of the custom electronics industry grow.

The enhanced service offerings, known as Content Marketing 2.0 or “CM2.0”, caters to the industry and focuses on showcasing a company’s expertise, building brand awareness and loyalty, while educating and engaging customers through a variety of online channels. The various content modules include blog creation, newsletter development, and social media management. Each module is scalable and modular based on an integrator’s individual goals. CM2.0 drives engagement with customers, helps build credibility with referrals and earns the attention of potential clients by drawing them to the integrator’s website.

"One of the challenges we addressed with CM2.0 is having clients recognized by search engines as an authority,” said John Baskerville, Director of Online Solutions at One Firefly. “All the SEO in the world won’t help our clients if their website is not recognized as a valuable resource. Rich and consistent content creation improves your online equity and earns the respect of search engines."

CM2.0 and the One Firefly creative process encompass five phases throughout the course of campaign production. These include discovery, strategy, development, implementation, and analysis. The goal is for One Firefly to become an extension of an integrator’s business, representing the brand and culture to ensure the product represents the firm’s vision. One Firefly’s unique approach and dedicated focus to all facets of the custom electronics positions the company to serve its clients with expert knowledge, quality and outstanding creativity.

“Our strong commitment to technology and innovation has enabled us to adapt to change within the marketplace as well as the changing business needs of our clients,” said Ron Callis Jr., CEO of One Firefly. “We strive to be the leading marketing agency in the custom electronics industry by delivering an exceptional product inclusive of a best-in-class customer service experience.”

Within CM2.0, each piece of individually crafted content informs and compels readers to take action. The blogging service establishes the integrator as an industry authority by consistently adding original, relevant and engaging content to the company website. This unique content also features SEO rich elements for improved search engine performance, and user readability and engagement to improve CRTs. Through its newsletter service, One Firefly further leverages blog content by pushing the message out to an integrator’s current, past and new customers, and to trade referrals sources such as architects, designers and builders. The restructured newsletter service also features resourceful and valuable content from an integrator’s website. Newsletters are a highly effective marketing tool for integrators seeking to drive website traffic, generate new leads and sales, and increase readership of a company blog.

One Firefly’s social media management services keep content fresh and relevant on an integrator’s Facebook page. One Firefly’s team of content writers delivers a well-designed Facebook presence to expand the integrator’s reach and drive engagement with customers, prospective clients, and trade referral sources.

One Firefly offers additional services to complement CM2.0, including an SEO audit and analysis to determine how to best leverage content on an integrator’s website to generate best possible search engine performance outcomes within a desired market(s). To learn more about One Firefly’s creative marketing services, visit

About One Firefly
One Firefly, LLC is a full-service marketing agency and design firm that caters to technology service professionals including designers, integrators, installers, contractors, consultants, distributors, and manufacturers. One Firefly is based near Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has been operating since 2007. One Firefly clients span the globe.