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The One Firefly Approach

Unique businesses require unique marketing strategies to drive success. That’s why we take a consultative, individual approach to every client. Learn more about what you can expect from our partnership.

The One Firefly Approach

Unique businesses require unique marketing strategies to drive success. That’s why we take a consultative, individual approach to every client. Learn more about what you can expect from our partnership.


During the discovery process, our mission is to form a strong understanding of your current business, goals, timelines, expectations, and mindset so we can determine if One Firefly is the right fit to help you. You’ll meet with one of our Account Executives to explore the following questions:

  • How are you trying to grow? We want to know if your goal is to grow your top-line revenue, change the project types you’re receiving, move into a new service location or market, and any other short and long-term objectives. 
  • What have you already tried? We want to know the past experiences you’ve had with marketing, the tactics you’ve employed, what’s worked, and what hasn’t worked. 
  • Why are you coming to us? We want to know why you reached out and what your willingness is to invest in your marketing right now.
We are only as good as the questions we ask
Josh, Consulting
“Our job is to learn about what you’re trying to achieve so that we can design the right mix of products and services that are most likely to make a positive difference.”


During the evaluation process, our mission is to identify and analyze your current online presence and branding to strategize the next steps. We can’t recommend the right products and services to help you meet your goals if we don’t know what’s already in place. Our team will evaluate the following:

  • Your Website
  • Branding materials (logo, business cards, company literature)
  • Any ongoing digital marketing (blogging, social media, advertising)
  • Any performance reports from previous marketing activities (ex.: Google Analytics, SEO keyword reports)
We need to know current state to design future state
Stephen, Consulting
“Knowing the starting point with your brand and online presence is critical to defining the best next steps to help you achieve your business goals through marketing.”


During the onboarding process, we’ll collect specific details and all account credentials from you that are necessary to move your branding project or digital marketing strategy forward. We’ll provide you with detailed checklists and review them with you to ensure we have everything we need to get started.

You can have peace of mind knowing all the technical details and credentials connected to your online presence are securely held with a trusted partner. You will own 100% of your online websites, content, and accounts, and your credentials will always be available to you when you need them.
We make marketing fun
Justin, Onboarding
“We strive to make this necessary step in the process as smooth and easy on you as possible by helping you stay organized with checklists, timely communication, and a positive attitude.”

Branding Foundation Projects

Establishing your online presence starts with a strong branding foundation. After evaluating the current state of your brand, we may recommend specific projects to help you establish or improve your presence via branding. Branding foundation projects could include:

  • Designing or refreshing your website to help clients and prospects find you online.
  • Designing or refreshing your logo to stand out and make you instantly recognizable to clients and prospects. 
  • Designing business cards, brochures, signage, style guides, and other branding materials to build a strong, memorable brand identity.
You should be proud of your brand
Romi, Web Design
“Developing your brand is a process, and should result in a memorable identity that is used consistently on your website and in all touchpoints with your marketplace.”

Digital Marketing Strategies

Maintaining your online presence requires ongoing digital marketing. Our team will build a comprehensive integrated marketing roadmap designed to help you meet your short and long-term goals. We know marketing is not one size fits all — our approach is to recommend the right balance of content and paid strategies that are properly activated to align with your primary objectives. Our ongoing strategies are designed to help you:

  • Increase visibility and communications to your existing book of clients.
  • Increase visibility in your local marketplace.
  • Increase visibility as a thought leader and subject matter expert to trade professionals (builders, architects, and designers).
Always be marketing
Ellie, Account Management
“Marketing is oxygen for your business and to do it is non-negotiable. Your marketing strategy should support your dynamic business strategy. In a landscape that’s always changing, you need an expert to help design, manage, and continually optimize an integrated marketing strategy to deliver the best ROI to your business.”

Launch Marketing Plan

Once you approve your strategic marketing roadmap, our team will get to work creating and deploying your ongoing content and paid advertising strategies.

At this stage of the journey, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager to oversee and coordinate your campaigns. Your account manager will be your guide, a single point of contact managing the rest of our team to ensure your campaigns are designed, executed, and optimized on schedule.
To get your flywheel turning, you need to start inputting energy
Kali, Social Media
“Getting started is the hardest part. Our team will make it easy to represent your brand online across all digital channels that accurately speaks to your target demographic with the right mix of media and messaging.”

Measure and Evaluate

We are a data-driven, data-first agency. Once your ongoing strategies are activated, we rely on the data to measure and evaluate campaign performance. We use an enterprise data aggregation software to create custom dashboards and insightful reports, connecting all your data in one place.

You will have discrete login credentials and 24/7 access to your dashboards and reports. Additionally, you’ll receive a monthly report in your inbox documenting all your campaign data.
The numbers don’t lie
Wes, Paid Strategies
“We design all our organic and paid strategies with comprehensive performance tracking that starts on day one. In order to understand if your marketing strategy is delivering desired outcomes, we must continuously monitor and analyze the data in order to make the best recommendations.”

Review Marketing Performance

You’ll meet with your dedicated account manager to review ongoing campaigns on a cadence of your choosing — anywhere from once every few weeks to once a quarter. During performance meetings, your account manager will synthesize campaign data and help you understand what it means.

These meetings are also a time for you to talk 1:1 with your account manager, and let them know what’s going on in your business. Are there any short-term or long-term changes that need to be supported in your marketing strategy? Open and honest communication allows us to recommend the right solutions to help you achieve the results you want.
The magic is in the relationship
Jordan, Account Management
“We take your business performance personally. We work around your schedule to hold efficient meetings where we touch base on your current state of business and review your marketing performance to determine next best steps.”

Optimize Strategies as Needed to Achieve Goals

Marketing is not static, and should change dynamically as your business changes. We perform consistent testing and measuring to recommend strategy optimizations based on performance data, ongoing dialogue between you and your account manager, and new business changes.

Depending on how your campaigns are performing and the results you want to achieve, we may recommend modifying the scope of your campaigns by adjusting the balance of content vs. paid strategies, modifying individual components within a campaign, or modifying advertising campaigns.
Marketing should be dynamic
Kelly, Content
“We take a human approach to optimizing your content and strategies. Constructive feedback and open dialogue allow us to improve your marketing, month over month, quarter over quarter.”

“People do business with people. We take pride in building lifelong relationships focused on mutual long-term growth.”

Ron Callis, CEO & Founder, One Firefly
Pictured with Ryan Davis, President, Ratio AV