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Create a Rich User Experience on Your Website

Utilize Interactive Content to Engage More Visitors

Worldwide there are more than one billion websites. That’s a lot of content. Some of it is not so good, and more than likely you’ve come across your fair share of it. Creating quality content is hard to do, and it’s time-consuming, but when done right such content educates and engages visitors, demonstrates credibility, and can even create a dialogue with the audience. By adding different types of content to your website, you can cut through the noise, offer a breath of fresh air, and capture your target audience’s attention. Enter interactive content.

Examples of this type of content include self-assessment tools, financial calculators, and surveys that require a user to take an action or input a response. Such content is one of the best ways to create a rich user experience on your website that leads to backlinks, increased visitor time on site, and reduced bounce rates. By creating a two-way dialogue, these interactive formats enable a personalized, user-focused experience.

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Drives Consumer Engagement

Are your visitors actively consuming the content on your website? Are they participating or are they passively reading a blog or watching a video? Active engagement brings consumers into a deeper relationship with your company, increases brand affinity, and impacts purchase behavior over time. As the relationship between a consumer and the brand solidifies, so too does the customer’s long term loyalty. According to Rosetta, a marketing agency focused on human behavior, fully engaged customers are four times more likely to appreciate branded messaging and seven times more likely to claim offers from a brand.

Captures More Leads

Interactive content, such as an infographic, calculator, or assessment, provides the audience with valuable information long before the prospect ever reaches the lead form. Once they do, visitors are two to three times more likely to provide their information in exchange for tailored results on the other side.

Provides Rich Data

Big data is big business. But demographic data alone doesn’t get results. The more information a company can garner about its prospects, the more effective its marketing. Interactive content allows you to collect other data points that help you to uncover their tastes and opinions. The information comes straight from the consumer in the form of answers to quizzes and assessment tools. The outcome is two-fold; you're asking your customers questions with the goal of engaging them while simultaneously learning more about them.

How to Get Started

While it’s clear that interactive content offers an opportunity to differentiate your brand and engage your audience, it may not be so clear where to start. Custom integration professionals, let me introduce Smart Layouts, a collection of feature-rich, custom 3-D renderings that showcase the various solutions possible within a space where technology could be integrated. Visitors click on fields located throughout the image, which launches pop-up windows that provide additional information to both educate and engage the visitor. The layouts feature both residential and commercial settings.

What types of interactive content have you come across? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


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Author:  Melissa Hunsberger

Title:  Senior Marketing Manager

About:  As the Senior Marketing Manager at One Firefly, Melissa is responsible for the management and execution of clients’ integrated digital marketing campaigns. A graduate of Penn State University, Melissa has a background in journalism and emergency preparedness and response. She has freelanced for a number of community newspapers and online publications. Her love of news began in college where she wrote for the school’s daily newspaper. Melissa also studied at the University of Manchester and worked for Channel 5 news station in London. During her free time, Melissa volunteers with the League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County, encouraging fellow citizens to become more informed and actively participate in government.




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