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Are You Destined to be a Highly Successful Entrepreneur?

Six Characteristics Shared by Leaders of Great Companies

When you take a look at the attitudes, behaviors, and habits of the super successful, you will find that there are certain characteristics they all seem to share.  Famous business tycoons like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs all share the six admirable qualities below, and emulating them as much as possible will put you on the fast track to mogul status!

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This Week in Residential AV: Honeywell, Kickstarter, and Toshiba


One Firefly CEO Ron Callis joined Jeremy Glowacki from Residential Systems and Matt Scott and Tim Albright from AVNation TV on Monday for their weekly podcast: ResiWeek. It was a fun time among industry experts discussing the latest newsworthy topics in the home automation and AV space.

If you don’t have time to watch the full podcast, here’s a rundown on what the host and guest speakers discussed:

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3 Effective Strategies for More Efficient Production Management

Effective production management is a key aspect of any business; whether you are designing and installing whole home audio systems, implementing commercial integrated security systems, or providing maintenance, basic install or periodic service to customers across your area. By utilizing effective production management strategies, dedicated tools and software, and defining processes and procedures for your organization you can ensure that your projects are delivered on-time, on-budget, and that they meet your customer’s expectations every time.

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5 Customer Service Trends That Can't Be Ignored

It's no secret that good customer service increases loyalty, gives you a competitive edge and ultimately influences your bottom line. At a time when customers expect to get their questions answered, and their issues resolved quickly and easily, creating a quality customer experience is vital to the success of your business.  To ensure that you are meeting your customers' expectations for great service, you should consider following these five major customer service trends.

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How to Connect Using LinkedIn

Microsoft just announced plans to purchase Linkedin for 26 billion dollars. If you haven’t already taken advantage of this powerful networking tool, now is the time. LinkedIn is the largest social media network for business, offering an excellent opportunity to connect with your audience, establish authority in your industry, and yes, grow your revenue. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, there’s no better way to leverage your business contacts, connect with potential employees, and perform market research. Here are a few strategies you can implement to discover more qualified leads AND build a stronger team.

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4 Common Buyer Objections (and How Integrators Can Overcome Them)

In the home automation space, your buyers are going to range between the kind that defers to your judgment on everything and the kind that questions every suggestion you make. The first kind of buyer is great. The second kind? Not so much.

So how can technology integrators tactfully overcome their buyers’ objections and suggestions about their home automation systems? It all comes down to how you position yourself and the services you are providing. Your client needs to trust your expertise and understand the value of the services you bring. That may sound like a daunting task, but consider how it plays out for the 4 examples below.

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