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Understand Your Audience: 4 Tips to Retain More Newsletter Subscribers

Understanding when and why your newsletter subscribers click ‘opt-out’ can leave you riddled with questions. Some subscribers leave simply because their interests have changed.  Others leave because of improper use of their email address or because they receive an influx of messaging with little relevant content.  Here are four tips on how you can effectively build your newsletter list and craft content that keeps subscribers engaged- and coming back for more:

1. Organic vs. Acquisition

Your subscribers may opt-out of your newsletter simply because they never wanted to receive it in the first place. When building your list, focus on organic growth, ensuring that each recipient is there because they are actively interested and gave permission to be included. If you focus on adding quality leads versus quantity for quantity’s sake, you’ll see a much higher retention rate as a result.

2. Keep Your Promise

When people opt-in to a monthly newsletter, they expect just that: a monthly newsletter. You might experience mass-exodus when you start sending weekly promos or overload their inboxes. Stick to what you promised and you’ll gain credibility and trust while retaining readers.

3. Quality Before Quantity

It’s important to focus on maintaining a high caliber of content that keeps people engaged and interested in what you have to say. By sticking to fewer, well-crated and insightful pieces, you will give your subscribers the opportunity to miss and anticipate your next message.  Keep it consistent and timely, but focus on providing your readers with thoughtful content versus content, for content’s sake. All it takes is one fluff-ridden blog and you risk losing subscribers.

4. Lead The Pack

Play by the rules before you break them, and understand when it’s ok to step outside the lines. When industry news breaks, be the one to share that intellect with your readers, even when it breaks your steady cadence of monthly newsletters. Tailor the piece to act as a ‘Breaking News’ event to catch attention and break through the clutter. Establish yourself as a trusted and timely source in the industry and keep your readers coming back for more.

Your newsletter can be one of your strongest marketing assets. When crafting your message, bear in mind that your reader desires fewer, quality pieces and trusts you to provide what you promised, as well as industry developments in real-time. Act as the industry leader and over time, with consistently strong messaging, your subscribers will trust you as just that.

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Author:  Michelle Rose

Title:  Marketing Administrative Assistant

About:  As Marketing Administrative Assistant at One Firefly, Michelle provides much needed support to the Creative Team by serving as the main point of contact for client communication. In addition, she performs a variety of administrative tasks including compiling marketing reports and publishing campaign deliverables.




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