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4 Powerful Ways to Use Video to Market Your Business

It’s no secret that high-profile customers are more likely to trust a brand and make a purchase when given a demonstration. Videos are often the best way to showcase the subtleties of a great product. Without effective video marketing, your business may be missing out on crucial traffic, leads, and customers in your market.

Here are 4 types of video content you can use to supplement your marketing efforts and grow your business:

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Informative, Branded Videos

Whether you’re publishing informative content or simply raising awareness, video provides your audience with a more immersive brand experience.

The dynamism of video is a great point of attraction for your audience, accomplishing three critical marketing goals:
1.    It makes you visible to a wider audience at the top of the funnel
2.    It gives your company a unique voice and engages customers
3.    It builds your brand authority and credibility

Personable businesses dominate both B2B and B2C markets, challenging the notion that great service alone can drive sales. If you don’t already have visual and auditory content to share on the web, an informative brand video is a great way to showcase your services.


High Definition Product Demonstrations

A product demonstration is an extremely effective way to increase your brand’s perceived value. Video content showcasing past projects can also be used by referral sources to introduce prospective clients to your brand. High-quality videos speak to your professionalism while giving potential customers a more complete view of your services, which ultimately turns more leads into buyers.

No matter how attractive your showroom or demos are, they’re unlikely to reach people who aren’t already aware of your brand. The good news is that you can leverage your existing marketing materials and demo products through video to expand your reach and entice future buyers.


User-Generated Social Media Content

Videos are an excellent way to generate awareness and develop your brand name on social media platforms. It’s a highly shareable form of content that typically engages a larger audience than written content alone.

Not only can you use videos to engage your audience on social media, you can also share user-generated content about your services with new fans. This serves to bolster your credibility and showcase compelling customer reviews.


Nurturing Customers through Testimonials & FAQs

Videos aren’t just effective for getting leads and converting customers. Product-focused videos can also nurture existing customers, assist with common customer service questions, and keep your upsell products top-of-mind.

Using video content to answer frequently asked questions or troubleshoot a common concern is a great way to encourage a positive customer experience at the bottom of the funnel. This prevents churn and stimulates repeat and referral customers, the lifeblood of your business.

If you’re looking for assistance building your authority through informative video content, our team is here to help. Our videos are designed to educate your prospective clients and build a stronger content strategy.

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Author:  Elizabeth Hodapp

Title:  Production Manager

About:  As Production Manager at One Firefly, Elizabeth manages the successful completion of all projects within One Firefly's Creative department, meticulously monitoring the status of each project, working to ensure production team is meeting appropriate deadlines and that projects are on target.




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