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Why Your Logo Is Important?

Do you consider it important making a good first impression when meeting new people? If your answer is yes, then it is easy to see how your logo, being the face of the company, must make a good impression every time.

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What value does your logo represent to your company?

I am going to make a leap here and say that your logo is able to either make your company grow or to make your company fail. Therefore, I would like to think that your logo was designed by a professional that thought the concept through and invested real time in the project.

Think about it, remember that the logo is the central and most important item in the marketing of your business. It is used in everything, including your website, business cards, letterheads, brochures, presentation folders, etcetera. In reality, the logo is as important as the name of the company and what it represents to your clients.

Is it necessary to hire a professional or am I able to create one on my own?

The answer is yes for both questions. However, I must say that every person has different qualities and it is imperative to admit that designers are the experts in the matter. It is also true that there are numerous options online where you can buy generic logos for a low price, but please do keep in mind that you’ll be also perceived and defined as a generic company.

What should I include in my logo?

This is simple. Your logo will have anything you want, anything from just your company name to a complex colored icon. However, it is vital that your designer knows exactly what you have in mind. Good communication is key when trying to create the perfect logo. Keep an open mind when the expert offers suggestions, you can’t get new results if you do the same thing over and over again.

Good logos help you increase credibility

This is the number one reason for getting a nice logo for your company. If you already have a logo, it doesn’t hurt to keep researching and evaluating the impact it has in your clients. If you are already thinking about rejuvenating your company, the logo is the best place to start. Having a strong logo for your company simply says: “I am serious about my business.” It conveys a sense of security for the people you work for and will make them feel that you are real, trust worthy and that you are able to deliver what you promise.

Give your brand a personality

Think carefully, what do you want your logo to express? Is your company fun, strong and careful, stylish, elegant? A good strategy is to research rival companies and study their characteristics and try not to repeat them. Be different. People get confused easily. You want to stand out from the crowd, your goal is for clients to be able to recognize your brand from every other company without having to think too hard.


Maybe a logo was not important 20 years ago, but today it is considered a game changer. A good-looking logo will go a long way when competing against hundreds of faceless companies.  Want to learn more about how a great logo design can help your business? Cantact us today.



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Author:  Miguel Cruz

Title:  Video Producer | Graphic Designer

As a Video Producer|Graphic Designer at One Firefly, Miguel is responsible for supporting One Firefly clients by producing and designing UIU video libraries galleries and collateral materials including but not limited to direct-mail pieces, flyers, logos and brochures. Miguel has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Universidad Iberoamericana and has several years of experience with graphic design and video editing. When not rendering videos, Miguel likes to go to the movies, play the guitar and hang out with friends.




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