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Case Study

AV Specialists

AV Specialists: From “Hang My TV”
to “Largest Project Yet”

Florida-based integrator AV Specialists was no stranger to marketing before they hired One Firefly in 2016, but their previous efforts to improve search engine visibility and generate leads had fallen flat. In search of marketing efforts that were more strategic and tailored to the AV and automation industry, AV Specialists’ CEO Gregg Dixon decided to try One Firefly’s approach.


Monthly Website Visits


Keyphrases ranked on the first page of Google Search Results


Number of positions targeted keyphrases have move up in Google search results

About AV Specialists

Since 1995, AV Specialists has provided audio, video, and automation solutions to businesses and homeowners throughout the Tampa, Florida area. The residential and commercial integration firm has a clear focus on creating high-quality systems that are reliable, flexible, and simple to operate.


AV Specialists had employed a variety of marketing strategies in the past, and those efforts had landed the company with a website that didn’t appeal visually and content that was full of inaccurate or outdated information. Their experience with another marketing agency was that marketing campaigns required a lot of effort from the integrator for review, revision, and explaining of basic AV and automation concepts - something that owner and CEO Gregg Dixon simply didn’t have time for.

Implemented Solutions: Phase One

After investing in a website relatively recently, Dixon was hesitant to scrap everything and start from scratch. He met with One Firefly’s CEO, Ron Callis, and they developed a solution that worked with AV Specialists’ existing marketing assets – namely, their current website – in order to improve the quality and performance over time.

Custom Copywriting

AV Specialists’ website had a lot of pages, but very few had helpful, accurate, and engaging content. One Firefly developed an editorial calendar that included developing fresh content for two of the web pages per month, resulting in a more informative, content-rich website over time.

Monthly Blog Posts

AV Specialists also receives two blog posts a month, with each post focused on a specific solution or service that the integration firm offers. These blog posts are written to be engaging and informative while also helping AV Specialists’ show up in search results for important keyphrases in their local market.

Regular Email Communication with Customers

In order to drive more traffic to the monthly blog posts and increase engagement with AV Specialists’ most qualified audience – their previous customers and prospects – One Firefly developed an email marketing campaign that features the blog posts published each month.

Educational Video Tutorials

When One Firefly first launched their UI University service, AV Specialists was one of the first to adopt it. The video library features short, step-by-step tutorials of how to use a Control4 system and Sonos speakers. AV Specialists uses these videos in multiple ways: showing how intuitive the technology is to prospective customers as well as offering after-sale support and training to new clients.

Implemented Solutions: Phase Two

“I love the way it looks. Visually, the website looks really nice, with lots of pictures that show the type of client we want. And the content is already written with my industry in mind. It just plain makes sense.” –Gregg Dixon, AV Specialists CEO

A little over six months into the partnership with One Firefly, Dixon had seen the positive impact on his company, and he wanted to do more. His existing website’s CMS caused some difficulties in achieving optimal SEO performance, and despite the quality content available, the overall design of the site wasn’t portraying the right image of a high-end, luxury technology company. It was time for a new website.
Beautiful, Mobile-Responsive Website

Dixon opted for a Mercury website design that was highly visual and interactive, allowing his company to deliver the impression that they were a high-end technology provider the moment someone visited the home page. The website design has a simplified menu for easy user navigation and 19 pages of images, videos, and copy all focused on describing the value and benefits of smart technology.

Real-Time Live Chat Service

Once the new website went live, AV Specialists also decided to try out One Firefly’s live chat service, Lead Concierge. The real-time chat window offers website visitors a way to instantly get their questions answered by One Firefly’s team of trained customer service personnel.

“Lead Concierge has been great. It makes the website even more engaging - somebody sees it and knows immediately that they can get help. It also gives us a much better image, like we’re bigger than we actually are and have the resources for that level of customer support.” –Gregg Dixon, AV Specialists CEO

Facebook Posts and Advertising

After incorporating all the other elements of AV Specialists’ digital presence, Dixon decided to have One Firefly manage the company Facebook page and advertising. Using their email list, Facebook pixel, and criteria for AV Specialists’ ideal audience, One Firefly delivers targeted advertising each month while also keeping the AV Specialists Facebook page updated with engaging content.

The Results

While the old AV Specialists website was generating traffic and leads, it wasn’t bringing the right kind of visitors. The ongoing marketing strategy and partnership with One Firefly has resulted in more visits to their website, and more importantly, those visitors are a better fit for the services AV Specialists provides. The engaging, informative content on the website makes it easy for prospective customers to learn about the smart technology company and feel confident in reaching out to the AV Specialists team.

“The phone is ringing like crazy. And since we’ve redone our website, the type of client call we get is better. We’re getting way more high-dollar calls than we used to. We used to get calls for small stuff – can you hang my TV or mount my Costco stereo system? But now the projects are getting larger. In fact, we just landed our largest project yet.” – Gregg Dixon, AV Specialists CEO

Prior to starting the campaign, AV Specialists was ranking on the first page of Google for just seven of the search terms that were important to their business. Now, AV Specialists shows up on the first page for 62 different search terms, and those rankings are continuing to grow over time. In the last 30 days, AV Specialists’ website has had more than 1,000 visits.

AV Specialists’ campaign illustrates the importance of having a marketing agency that is ready to accommodate changing business needs. Through ongoing communication and recommendations based on AV Specialists’ unique metrics, the One Firefly team developed a strategy that gained positive results.

“The best thing about One Firefly is that once you sign up, it’s not like you’re forgotten after the sale. The One Firefly team always follow ups, and we’re aware of what’s going on with the marketing efforts. One Firefly has actually been a good role model - I’m trying to make my company appear like theirs with the way we communicate to our clients. It’s like One Firefly is really part of our sales team.” – Gregg Dixon, AV Specialists CEO