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Beyond Digital Marketing: How One Firefly Helped Avidia Reshape Its Brand and Image

Avidia, a custom integration firm based out of Northbrook, Illinois, was at a crossroads in late 2018. There was a change in ownership and a subsequent rethinking of the firm’s direction and brand image. Avidia had a vision for the future; they just weren’t sure how to make it happen. That’s when they turned to One Firefly. Avidia and One Firefly had a previous relationship; Avidia was one of the first to build a Mercury Collection website, and they previously have benefitted from One Firefly’s website SEO configuration and content marketing services. Avidia has always regarded One Firefly’s unique industry focus as a great advantage – we understand the custom integration industry, the technology, and the right digital marketing techniques to use. This all led Avidia to turn to One Firefly for help in relaunching the company. The result? A review and complete reshaping of Avidia’s positioning, brand, and image. One Firefly helped Avidia reevaluate its vision, mission, culture, and values, and channel that new direction into a branding and marketing program that repositions the company for the next phase of growth.


Complete rebranding with new logo and branding guide

Professional, polished branded materials for vehicle wraps, business cards, invoices, and collateral

A new, high-end focused Mercury Pro website

An aggressive digital marketing campaign aimed at increasing leads and driving high-quality, organic traffic to Avidia’s website


About Avidia

Avidia is a full-service technology integrator serving Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. The company specializes in designing and installing reliable, dependable systems for both residential and commercial clients, with personalized after-sale support and maintenance. Avidia is also focused on ongoing training and education, regularly investing in sending staff to CEDIA and other educational opportunities to hone and maintain state-of-the-art skills in audio-video and automation technology.


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Like many integrators in the industry, Avidia had tried different marketing approaches over its history. For example, partnerships with builders had proven fruitful in some years but were not always a strategy that yielded consistent results. The company had experienced great sales years and some leaner periods as well. Avidia had previously partnered with One Firefly for digital marketing services, including a Mercury Collection website, SEO optimization, and content marketing. In the quest for further growth, the company also experimented with other marketing methods like Google PPC (pay per click) advertising.

Google PPC advertising did not achieve the results Avidia sought from the investment. When the change in ownership caused the company to reevaluate most aspects of their business, Avidia wanted to reconstruct its brand and image to move into a higher tier. Beyond marketing, Avidia also sought to reposition the company for the future. That meant taking a more strategic approach to the business, looking beyond extinguishing the "fire of the week" and the next project to directing the company toward its goals of providing best-in-class solutions and services to a set of clients with which they can build long-term relationships.


Implemented Solutions

Avidia turned One Firefly for help to reignite the company. Matt Cwiokowski, the Principal of Avidia, and Ron Callis, CEO of One Firefly, had several meetings to discuss Avidia’s goals and aspirations. The discussions went beyond One Firefly’s digital marketing products and services; they delved into the company’s current image, the image they wished to project going forward, what types of clients Avidia wanted to target, what kinds of people the company should look to hire, and how the company wanted to grow in the future. Going well beyond marketing, it was an endeavor rethink what Avidia was about and to chart a new direction for the future.



“Working with One Firefly is like having a five-person marketing team at my company. And unlike other outside marketing firms, I don’t have to train them on the integration industry.” – Matt Cwiokowski, Principal, Avidia


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The rebranding effort was an exercise in sweating the details. The image Matt Cwiokowski wanted to build for Avidia was one of professionalism, directness, approachability, and premium products and services. Avidia prides itself on its attention to detail in installation, service, and support, and that was also evident in the branding process. Matt worked with One Firefly's graphic design team on several iterations of the logo designs, going back and forth on many proposals for sizes, colors, fonts, and other particulars. Matt appreciated the professionalism of the One Firefly team and the way the open, collaborative process yielded a result he is very proud of. As part of the process, a branding guide was developed, so the company has a clear view of how to use their branding across all their communication and collateral, online and off. Avidia's new vehicle wraps, business cards, invoices, letterheads, proposals, and checks designed by One Firefly all reflect the new, upscale design. Because of the attention to detail, Avidia’s new branding will be utilized across all marketing efforts.

“The rebranding process with One Firefly has changed the way we think about the company. It boosts our image three levels up from where we were.” – Matt Cwiokowski, Principal, Avidia


Website Presence

As part of Avidia’s new focus, Matt wanted to revamp his website to reflect the elegant, modern branding the One Firefly team had created. The solution was simple: One Firefly gave Avidia an early look at its brand new website product, Mercury Pro. Upon reviewing the stunning imagery, innovative use of video, high-end design, and SEO optimized content, Matt knew the new website was just what he was looking for as part of Avidia's rebranding. Avidia signed on for a new Mercury Pro website to be launched by CEDIA 2019.

As Avidia is the first One Firefly client to launch a new Mercury Pro website, the collaboration between the companies is high. Avidia helped One Firefly fine-tune the product to meet their requirements, and in the process allowed us to create an even better web offering to our integration industry clients.

“Mercury Pro is fresh, high-end, modern, yet approachable – just the image we’re looking for in our website.” – Matt Cwiokowski, Principal, Avidia



Content Marketing

As part of Avidia’s new repositioning and marketing strategy, the company has seen the value of generating organic lead flow through content marketing and has increased its investment in these services with One Firefly. The service includes multiple monthly SEO-optimized blog posts focused on specific solutions and services that Avidia offers, with a focus on company differentiators like personalized service and after-hours support capabilities. A monthly newsletter to various lists alerts client and trade partners to fresh content on the website and also serves as a vehicle for special promotions. Similarly, targeted Facebook advertising can hone in on specific interests and geographic locations to increase the company’s visibility and generate new leads with promotions.

Matt Cwiokowski values the collaboration with the One Firefly marketing team. He likes being able to pitch marketing ideas and seeing how One Firefly can develop them into cohesive, customized digital marketing campaigns. With a dedicated account manager overseeing Avidia’s digital marketing campaigns and in constant communication with Matt, the collaboration makes for a tailored approach that closely hews to Avidia’s overall marketing and branding goals. Matt also enjoys the ability to communicate with the team through Slack, the same tool that One Firefly uses for streamlined internal communication.

“Working with One Firefly is like having a five-person marketing team at my company. And unlike other outside marketing firms, I don’t have to train them on the integration industry.” – Matt Cwiokowski, Principal, Avidia



The Results


The rebranding Avidia underwent with the help of One Firefly has elevated the stature of the company – internally and externally. The branding reflected in the One Firefly-designed vehicle wraps lend a polished and professional appearance to every visit by an Avidia technician to a client. The consistent look and feel across not only digital presentations but on business cards, invoices, and stationery all serve to reinforce the new high-end vision for the company. The crowning touch is the new Mercury Pro website, which gives the company a customized website that drives home the luxury message that Matt sought to move the company to a higher plane.

Since restarting digital marketing services with One Firefly with the new, more extensive campaign, Avidia has already experienced a 200% increase in phone calls based on clients finding the company through Google search results. They see the value in the multifaceted One Firefly approach – the right branding, a new website, and original content and campaigns that continually build the presence and traffic – is what the company needs to rebrand and reposition itself for the future.



“In essence, One Firefly is one of the not many companies that understand us integrators and what we do. One Firefly has completely transformed our company, affecting the culture and direction via all the different elements of design and marketing materials put together. I would highly recommend One Firefly as a trusted marketing representative for our company and any integration company.” – Matt Cwiokowski, Principal, Avidia