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Hi-Fi Sales Increases Traffic by 1700% with One Firefly Website Design

New Jersey-based integrator Hi-Fi Sales operates in a competitive marketplace and was looking for a way to distinguish itself from the competition. Hi-Fi Sales had no search engine visibility, meaning it was not discoverable via Google and its  marketing collateral  did not accurately reflect the brand. As an established company, they turned to One Firefly to improve their online presence and adopt inbound marketing strategies to attract more prospects, interact with customers regularly, and continue to build trust with referrals.


Increase in web traffic


keyphrases in position #1 of Google search results
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About Hi-Fi Sales

Hi-Fi Sales, based in Cherry Hill, NJ, specializes in the design, engineering, integration and installation of electronic systems in residential and commercial environments. For 36 years they have been the complete solution for homeowners, architects, designers, cabinet craftsmen, and home builders. Their mission is to connect people with innovative technology solutions to simplify and enhance their lives at home and work. The company became a One Firefly partner in 2015.
“I truly feel that One Firefly has my best interests at heart and treats me more like a partner than a customer,” says Dave Gilbert, Senior Vice President at Hi-Fi Sales.


Though the company has been in existence for 36 years, Hi-Fi Sales’ website was outdated and did not accurately reflect the organization or its many services. The copy, imagery, page structure, and site design lacked readability, continuity, and specific calls to action. Some of its most profitable solutions like lighting, shading, networking, and high-end audio were not effectively highlighted on the website and in some cases were absent completely. The approach was twofold: Hi-Fi Sales needed a website that easily conveyed the services it provides, the way in which it improves its customers’ lives, and at the same time was optimized for search in order to generate sales leads. The company also lacked a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy and effective marketing collateral to support the sales of its services. Last year the company teamed up with One Firefly to improve the entire user-experience of the website, revamp the company’s marketing collateral, and ensure it was positioned to show up in organic search results.

Implemented Solutions

Like many well-established companies, it’s hard to change the status-quo and evaluate the company with a critical eye. As a result, marketing efforts often suffer. Hi-Fi Sales was no different, and required an experienced agency to revamp their inbound marketing strategy, design a mobile responsive website for optimal user experience, and refresh the brand with a brochure that was informative and engaging.

When it came to hiring a partner, Hi-Fi Sales wanted to work with an agency that not only possessed the marketing know-how, but that also understood the custom electronics industry. Hi-Fi Sales didn’t have to search for very long. The company met One Firefly at a ProSource event in February 2015 while discussing the details of a Crestron programming project. The conversation segued to website optimization and content marketing.

“I met Ron and we talked and he completely got what I was saying and made me feel that he and the team could accomplish the goals I wanted,” says Gilbert.

Website Presence

Hi-Fi Sales met with the One Firefly web team to begin the discovery process for a new website. The pre-production phase involved an in-depth call that helped Hi-Fi Sales think differently about the business and the way in which customers view the company. The messaging and imagery on the previous website focused on the technology rather than how Hi-Fi Sales enhances people’s lives. The new Hi-Fi Sales website features a mobile-responsive design, rich content to engage and educate visitors, prominent calls-to-action, as well as lead capture forms embedded throughout. The site also helps Hi-Fi Sales build credibility with referral sources as well as generate new leads.

"Working with One Firefly was a fun process that had me thinking a lot more about the services we offer,” says Gilbert.

To complement the new website, Hi-Fi Sales signed up for Lead Concierge, a personalized live chat service that engages website visitors in a thoughtful, intelligent manner. The chat service, staffed by industry experts, provides customers with instant answers to their questions and increases conversion rates by engaging qualified leads. Between August 1st and October 23rd, the service has generated 35 leads.

In an effort to better educate both prospects and customers, Hi-Fi Sales added One Firefly’s UI University, a library of HD training videos, to its website. The videos, which depict how to operate the various aspects of an iPad- controlled system, enable the sales team to demonstrate how the technology can enhance the end-users lifestyle. Using the tool has helped to alleviate customer concerns and the videos can easily be shared via email and social media.

“The volume of chats and leads coming from the new Lead Concierge service from One Firefly has blown my staff and I away. It takes our customer service and lead generation up a notch in a way that we never thought possible. Now, we can’t imagine ever running our business without this live chat service. It gives our website visitors instant gratification of getting their questions answered in real time,” says Gilbert.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting discovered online requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. One Firefly performed an SEO audit and analysis to determine how best to leverage Hi-Fi Sales’ content so that the company received the search engine credit and recognition it deserves when prospective clients use the internet to search for the services and solutions that Hi-Fi Sales offers. An SEO configuration of the new website was deployed to generate best possible search engine performance outcomes based on Hi-Fi Sales’ target markets.

Content Marketing

In addition to optimizing the website, Hi-Fi Sales partnered with One Firefly to create fresh, engaging content. The monthly blogs are custom crafted to target referrals and customers based on topics and geographies that help optimize local search engine performance. The blog posts also show the personal side of the business while building trust and increasing likeability. It establishes Hi-Fi Sales as an expert within the custom electronics field and provides them a platform to share important industry-related insights and news. Additionally, Hi-Fi Sales is a member of the Bravas Group whose national branding strategy complements the local marketing initiatives.

Marketing Collateral

Once the website project was complete, it was time for Hi-Fi Sales and the One Firefly graphics team to tackle the company’s marketing collateral. The new brochure picks up where the old one left off and improved on every aspect from messaging and imagery to the quality of the paper it’s printed on. The brochure is now the main leave-behind whenever Hi-Fi Sales representatives meet with prospects. To further unify and enhance the company’s brand, One Firefly designed a sleek business card. Now each member of the sales teams has a professional business card that accurately reflects the brand image and makes a strong, positive first impression.

Results and Successes

Since partnering with One Firefly in mid-2015, Hi-Fi Sales has experienced an impressive turnaround. Today, the company is on the first page of Google for nearly 40 keywords, many in the number one position. Its web traffic has increased by almost 1,732 percent and the number of pages visited per session has nearly doubled.

The new website has contributed in a significant way to Hi-Fi Sales’ online presence. The website, a virtual version of the business, is both welcoming and informative plus it’s open 24-hours a day. The site also clearly communicates the company’s message to the people that matter most. Forty percent of potential customers who call Hi-Fi Sales say they found the company through the website via a search engine.

One of the most visited pages on the new website is the contact page where Hi-Fi Sales receives several inquiries a month. On the previous site, people didn’t know what information they should submit and when they did the emails ended up in a spam folder. Now prospects fill out a simple lead generation form and with correctly configured form software, notifications are sent straight to Gilbert’s inbox allowing him to quickly respond whether he is in the office or on the road.

The monthly blogs coupled with the optimized website has led to a dramatic increase in organic search engine performance.

38 key phrases

ranked on the first page of Google


keyphrases in position #1 of Google search results

Its marketing collateral picked up where the old one had left off and improved upon every aspect including the quality of the paper it is printed on. The brochure has a similar look and feel to the website ensuring complete uniformity in style and format so as not to dilute the brand. The brochure is the main leave-behind after meetings and must, therefore, speak to a diverse audience including prospective clients, builders, interior designers, architects, and contractors.

The combination of services from One Firefly has led to greater visibility online, a larger readership and increased website traffic, positioned Hi-Fi Sales as a thought leader, and led to more sales opportunities.

“The graphics team knocked it out of the park,” says Gilbert. “They presented a draft and worked with me to incorporate my feedback. I am extremely proud of the brochure.”