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Case Study

Level3 Audiovisual

Building a Marketing Engine Together:


Published May 2022
In the spring of 2020, COVID was just emerging as a global threat when Jeremy Elsesser stepped into a marketing leadership role at Level 3 Audiovisual. He knew the company’s website and overall marketing efforts weren’t up to snuff and would need to improve to help them weather the storm. Even better if they could emerge on the other side stronger and more focused on effectively communicating their value proposition to the world.

Jeremy is no stranger to taking on new challenges with relish. Within the commercial AV industry, he’s an established leader and educator with over 20 years of systems integration experience under his belt. He’s the current President and CEO of Level 3 Audiovisual, an adjunct faculty instructor for AVIXA, a past recipient of the AVIXA 2019 Educator of the Year, and a board member of PSNI. But marketing was a whole new ballgame for him.

When Jeremy took over marketing responsibilities, Level 3 Audiovisual had two websites, limited internal marketing resources, and was working with multiple outside marketing agencies. At the time Jeremy started ramping up efforts to find a new marketing partner, he discovered One Firefly from our Facebook marketing. He liked that we were a CI-focused marketing firm, and reached out to discuss a possible redesign of his website.

“When we were first looking for a marketing firm, we thought we knew what we needed, which was a new website and then build from there. And right out of the gate, Ron took a lot of time to help educate us on what we should be thinking about in terms of a wider scope of marketing strategy and initiatives within our organization,” Jeremy told us.

Level 3 Audiovisual

Level 3 Audiovisual is a commercial AV systems integration and managed services firm operating in key commercial verticals, including enterprise organizations, higher education, government, and hospitality. Additionally, the company operates in the healthcare technology vertical to bring custom simulation labs into healthcare facilities across the U.S. In 2020, Level 3 Audiovisual received the “Best in Healthcare” award from Commercial Integrator for the University of Texas Cizik School of Nursing simulation center.

Level 3 Audiovisual embodies a culture of quality and works tirelessly to provide all customers with a Great Experience, one that not only meets an objective, but is engaging and meaningful. Every day is a new opportunity for the Level 3 Audiovisual team to deliver greatness and strive to raise the AV industry even higher.


When One Firefly first met with Jeremy, the consensus among the Level 3 Audiovisual team was that the company needed a new website, making web design the initial ask. Even better, what Jeremy didn’t know at the time, is that his work with One Firefly would expand far beyond just a website, and that he would be able to bring all marketing activities under one roof. The Level 3 Audiovisual Leadership Team had never met an agency like ours — one that had an internal team of technology-focused experts with the ability to handle web design, social, SEO, and paid advertising in one place.

While other marketing firms complied with Jeremy’s request for a proposal to redesign the website, Ron Callis, CEO at One Firefly, completely flipped the script. “Ron was the first person to challenge our way of thinking,” Jeremy told us. From the first meeting onward, Jeremy and Level 3 Audiovisual were impressed with One Firefly’s consultative approach to marketing, transparency, and growth mindset. Ron wanted to know The Why behind the redesign, which ultimately guided the One Firefly approach to the project.

After speaking with Jeremy and the team about their current needs and budget, Ron suggested that Level 3 Audiovisual pause on a new website and instead invest marketing dollars into a comprehensive digital content strategy to more effectively meet their immediate needs for lead generation. Active digital marketing would allow them to access a much wider audience in a shorter period of time than building a new site would. “Instead of just spending our budget on a website, he challenged us in terms of what is most important for our organization now,” Jeremy stated. “And it was a really simple answer: the most important thing for our organization now is to start generating leads to prepare for the uncertain times ahead caused by COVID.”

Upon evaluating all of their options, the Level 3 Audiovisual Leadership Team determined that partnering with One Firefly was the right move to drive brand awareness, thought leadership, and lead generation for the business. As Lucy Peterson, Level 3 Audiovisual’s internal marketing associate, told us, “We have a pretty small marketing team and so we wanted to hire a firm that felt like an extension of our team.” And at One Firefly, partnership is the foundation of how we do business. It was the perfect fit.

Level 3 Audiovisual purchased a suite of digital services for content marketing, social media management, review management, and live chat that launched July 2020. Just six months later, Jeremy and the team were so pleased with One Firefly’s initial rollout, that they found the money to commission our team to build a brand-new custom website. In spring 2021, right before the new site was set to launch, Level 3 Audiovisual signed on for Google advertising to drive even more traffic into their beautiful new site.

Implemented Solutions

Monthly Content Marketing

Regular blogging is a key driver of brand awareness and online growth for Level 3 Audiovisual. The One Firefly content team produces four blogs every month, optimized with SEO keyphrases based on what Level 3 Audiovisual’s target audience is searching for on Google. Since One Firefly took over blogging in July 2020, organic traffic has risen consistently and is now the second-highest driver of website traffic.

Additionally, regularly developed content marketing is helping Level 3 Audiovisual climb the ladder of Google rankings and land more first-page results.

From July 2020 to January 2022, Level 3 Audiovisual has achieved the following SEO outcomes on Google:

  • 220% increase in organic traffic sessions
  • Increasing the number of ranking keywords from 179 to 294
  • Tripling the ranking keywords on page one from 45 to 145
  • Tripling the number of ranking keywords in the first three organic spots from 15 to 56

Approximately 50% of their 294 target keywords are now ranking on page one, which is where most click-throughs occur. Since July 2020, Level 3 Audiovisual’s keywords have moved up 11,287 spots on Google.

Social Media: LinkedIn & Facebook

One Firefly manages Level 3 Audiovisual’s primary social media accounts, notably LinkedIn and Facebook. With our help, Level 3 Audiovisual has seen a significant uptick in customer engagement on these platforms. By posting timely, relevant, and educational content curated for their prospective and existing customers, we’ve grown social media to become the third-highest driver of website traffic.

  • From July 2020 to January 2022, their Facebook page has gained 181 new likes from organic and posts have received 4,421 engagements from followers.

  • From July 2020 to January 2022, Facebook ads have secured 219 new likes to the Facebook page and reached 1.42 million people across the platform. 

  • One Firefly took over LinkedIn management in early 2021. From January 2021 to January 2022, the LinkedIn page has gained 359 new followers and seen 2,391 engagement actions from followers.

  • From July 2020 to January 2022, Level 3 Audiovisual has seen a 391% increase in social media traffic driven to the corporate website.

Our team implements strategic niche targeting that positions Level 3 Audiovisual’s Facebook ads in front of commercial stakeholders and decision makers to drive
high-quality clicks and traffic. In January 2022, Level 3 Audiovisual’s ad about commercial AV saw incredible performance with 789 clicks and a cost-per-click of only $0.05.

Live Chat

In July 2020, One Firefly implemented our manned chat service (Lead Concierge) on the Level 3 Audiovisual website to provide visitors with fast customer support and nurture potential leads in real-time. The commercial market is incredibly engaged online, and a live chat service helps Level 3 Audiovisual maximize their team’s accessibility and connect instantly with interested visitors browsing the site and existing customers looking for service.

After a year and a half using Lead Concierge, they have seen record-high engagement on their website from live chats. Of the 696 total chats, Level 3 Audiovisual has received:

Mercury Pro Website

Building a brand-new website took months of hard work and close-knit collaboration between the One Firefly and Level 3 Audiovisual teams. Together, they not only designed a new custom site, but also merged the two existing websites into one cohesive online brand presentation.

The new custom website — complete with custom branding, engaging video, and SEO-optimized copy — launched in July 2021. Since then, Level 3 Audiovisual has seen a massive increase in the number and quality of leads coming from the website, which has given the team more visibility into their buyers than they’ve ever had before.

Jeremy and his team couldn’t be happier with the final product. As Jeremy told us, “When we launched our new website, our internal team, the entire team of Level 3 Audiovisual, was incredibly excited because it was a beautiful website that we put our heart and soul into with One Firefly.”

Google Ads

In May 2021, Level 3 Audiovisual decided to invest in paid Google ads to expand online visibility and direct more traffic to their brand-new website, launched in July 2021. As part of their integrated digital marketing program, targeted advertising helps drive more traffic, high-quality leads, and brand awareness. After starting ad campaigns in August 2021, Level 3 Audiovisual has started seeing traction with 7,216 clicks and 95 conversions from their ad campaigns within just six months.


In our year and a half partnership, One Firefly has helped Level 3 Audiovisual grow their online presence and effectively communicate with the right potential buyers and market influencers. The sales team can only do so much, Lucy says: “Digital marketing gives you endless opportunities to get in front of people who might not otherwise have heard of Level 3 Audiovisual.”

Jeremy is looking forward to furthering Level 3 Audiovisual’s growth with One Firefly at the helm. “What you should look for when researching marketing companies is somebody who wants to partner for the long term, somebody who has the ability to serve you on all levels from a marketing perspective,” he says. Having a marketing firm capable of doing everything under one roof is worth its weight in gold, he continued, “because it allows you to be more effective, more efficient, and get more bang for your time. Which, as we all know, is the most valuable resource we have.”

“In terms of growth, we have absolutely generated more leads than we’ve ever generated before through consistent content marketing, activated on all of our online channels.” — Jeremy Elsesser, President & CEO of Level 3 Audiovisual