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Case Study

The Integrated Home

The Integrated Home Increases Google Presence By 500 Percent with One Firefly’s Online Strategies

In 2014, The Integrated Home was looking for a way to enhance its online presence. At the time it was relying on Google Pay-Per-Click ads to generate traffic and had a small website that was not representative of the services and products it offered. The company reached out to One Firefly for a mobile-friendly website and comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would help them stand out from their competitors, receive high-quality traffic and generate leads. To round out their revamped presence, they also invested in a new company logo and associated marketing collateral.


Rankings have gone up 3,100+ positions for targeted keyphrases


Website bounce rate has gone down by 16%


Keyphrases ranking on Google’s first page

About The Integrated Home

The Integrated Home is an electronics design and integration company that offers world-class technology systems with a focus on residential projects of all sizes and scopes. Since it was founded in 2008, it has offered life-enhancing solutions and a life-long commitment to its clients.


Though The Integrated Home had made a considerable investment to market itself online, it was not getting the expected results. Since the custom integrator didn’t have the time to work with a web developer to design and execute a website that represented the company well, they were forced to settle for an outdated WordPress site that didn’t reflect the company and the high-end services it provides.

The Integrated Home was also struggling to capture high-quality traffic that would engage with the website and generate leads. Since the website was not SEO-configured or mobile friendly, it had little presence on Google and relied on paid ads that resulted in high bounce rates. The client frustrated by the temporary aspect of PPC campaigns, with traffic vanishing as soon as payments stopped.

Implemented Solutions: Phase One

In order to get the online presence it desired, The Integrated Home needed a comprehensive solution. The first step was revamping the company image to better appeal to luxury clientele. This included a brand new logo, upgrading to a mobile-friendly website, and investing in additional branding collateral.

The second step was bringing high-quality traffic to the website. This is where One Firefly stood out since it already knew the custom electronics industry well and understood exactly the type of audience that The Integrated Home was hoping to reach. The Integrated Home also optimized the website for search engines and invested in content marketing services to extend its online reach.

Mobile-Friendly Website

To get started, Anderson had a comprehensive discovery call with Ron Callis, One Firefly’s CEO, to find out which content best suited his company and clients. Instead of having to sit with a web developer to tediously explain what the company needed, One Firefly already offered a variety of beautiful images and content that had been expertly designed to appeal to the luxury consumer. With One Firefly’s Mercury Designs, the company was able to choose from a variety of mobile-responsive options.

Since generating high-quality traffic was so important to The Integrated Home, the website was SEO-configured to enhance the company’s search engine rankings for the services and locations that mattered most. Once the traffic came to the site, it was easy to capture through prominent contact forms and calls-to-action.

In late 2016, The Integrated Home also added One Firefly’s UIU video libraries to make the website even more engaging and offer additional educational content for clients. The videos also worked as a great service tool when clients needed help after hours or during holidays.

Digital Marketing

Now that there was a great destination for a high-end audience, it was time to bring the right traffic to the website through One Firefly’s Content Marketing services. These included blogging, newsletters, and social media management designed to target a specific group. JW Anderson had a separate discovery call with his content manager to make sure his campaign reflected the company’s services and goals.

“It was just them spending time to get to know The Integrated Home so then when they went to deliver content for us it was relevant to who we were,” explained Anderson. “They took the time to get to know the company to execute a strategy that was personal, that was for us.”

All blogs were geared around keyphrases focused on the services, products, and locations the integrators wished to target. The blogs offered educational content that established the company’s authority while boosting the company’s Google rankings. Unlike his PPC campaigns, once the phrases begin ranking, they remained there without having to constantly pay for the placement.

The Integrated Home’s content marketing campaign also included a clear path to distribute that content. Aside from weekly posts, the company also signed on for Facebook ads. Instead of spending money blindly on PPCs, Facebook offered the option of targeting a very specific audience based on income, interests, age, and more.

Meanwhile, newsletters sent to a curated list of contacts offered the chance to reach out to a ‘warm audience’ that was more likely to engage with content and, transform into leads. Since the clients were already familiar to the Integrated Home, they also came with a shorter selling cycle.

Enhanced Marketing Collateral

As part of their online revamp, The Integrated Home redesigned their corporate logo. JW Anderson spoke with a graphic designer firsthand to ensure that the new logo truly represented the company. The Integrated Home also added marketing collateral including a vehicle wrap, trifold brochures, and stationary. By working with the same designer for all these items, there was a cohesive look to the company’s image.

Results and Successes

Since signing on with One Firefly in 2014, The Integrated Home has seen a huge boost to their online presence through organic search results, social media reach and their ongoing newsletters.

This can be seen first-hand in how visitors interact with new site. Since the new website was launched, its bounce rate has gone down by 16 percent and the number of pages viewed per session has gone up by 65 percent. From receiving no leads with the old site, The Integrated Home now averages three leads a month.

The Website also received a “Mobile Friendly” designation from Google. This means it’s easy for users to interact with the website from any mobile device. These sites are favored by the search engine, who wants to make sure mobile users are being taken to pages they can use.

The efforts to increase the company’s presence on Google have been very successful. The Integrated Home has gone up 3,100 positions for its targeted phrases. It now boasts 33 phrases ranked #1 on Google, 46 in the top three overall, and 70 on the first page.

The company has further extended its presence through social media, reaching over 250,000 people through organic and paid posts. Their newsletters have kept them top of mind with clients and partners through engaging content. The company averages a 35 percent open rate, twice the industry standard, resulting in over 1,000 clicks to the website.

“They land on our website, see our blogs, get our newsletters. They see how professional we are. It’s very educational and they see a company that they want to work with,” said JW Anderson of his One Firefly services.

The positive results haven’t been limited to their online presence. Their brochures and stationary are ideal for leaving behind when delivering proposals to clients, builders, interior designers, or architects. Meanwhile, their vehicle wraps offer free advertising while on the job. All of these items have resulted in valuable leads over the past three years.