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We are committed to helping technology professionals grow. Here's what some of our clients have said about their experience with us:

Matt Devance

Matt Devance

Matt Devance provided this video testimonial at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas Texas on his experience working with One Firefly. Matt's business is based in Dallas, TX.
Wes Bradshaw

Wes Bradshaw

Wes Bradshaw provided this video testimonial at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas Texas on his experience working with One Firefly. Wes's business is based in Atlanta, GA.
Corby Vickers

Corby Vickers

Corby Vickers provided this video testimonial at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas Texas on his experience working with One Firefly. Corby's business is based in Princeton, TX.
Gregg Dixon

Gregg Dixon

Gregg Dixon provided this video testimonial at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas Texas on his experience working with One Firefly. Gregg's business is based in Clearwater, FL.


"If you want to succeed in the A/V industry with a web presence, It is best to use someone who knows our industry inside and out. Ron and his team excel at all levels in this category. "

Buddy Hughes, Owner
Crown Audio Video - Dallas, TX

logo crown audio video

"One Firefly helps move us to the top and stand out with a market-leading website. Our social media is well managed by people I trust from the industry and takes the pressure off of me."

Greg Simmons, Vice President
Eagle Sentry – Las Vegas, NV

logo eagle sentry color

"You guys have done an amazing job. The professionalism, patience and performance of you and your team have been spectacular. It’s a real pleasure working with you and I’m completely confident we chose the best team, One Firefly, for our needs."

John Clancy , EVP & CTO
ACS (Audio Command Systems) – NY, CA, FL

logo acs color

"I felt my website wasn’t telling my full story, but to get a new one usually requires me to drive the project which takes a lot of my time and energy. With One Firefly the process and professionalism made it easy from the get-go. As soon as I pulled the trigger, stuff started happening. Your passion is as strong as ours and working with the team was rewarding and exceeded my expectations. My hope is that our website visitors can instantly tell they are dealing with a well-qualified company."

Dave Gilbert, Vice President
Hi-Fi Sales – Cherry Hill, NJ

logo hifi sales color

"As a founding principal with over 30 years of experience my goal is to position our firm as the go-to integrator for end-users & professionals and thus I needed to redo our website to position my brand as the best in our area. If I hadn’t been able to see a pre-configured, functioning website example it would have felt like throwing money into a black hole. I needed to have a visual so that I could have a clear vision from the start about what my website would look like before I was willing to purchase. I loved that it is more solution-specific, and presents us as company who creates solutions rather than a box or product supplier. We were able to personalize and customize the website to our liking and have the option to continue making changes on our own."

Thomas Stone, Principal
Stone-Glidden - King of Prussia, PA

logo stone color

"The process for getting my website from One Firefly was really good and wasn’t too strenuous on my part. The team was professional and enjoyable to work with and the fact that I didn’t have to put everything together made all the difference."

Chris Moore, President
Hi-Tech Innovations- Nashville, TN

logo hi tech innovations color

"I am impressed with One Firefly’s operation. I am very happy with my website and the process was a lot less painful than the last 3 false starts I had with other companies. Dealing with the team reminded me that effort at the start means quality at the end. It's very obvious that a large amount of blood, sweat and tears has been put into the services and process."

Jamie Feeny, Owner & Operator
Feeny Power and Control - Burnaby, BC

logo feeny color

"I am impressed with your firm. Not only are you talented but also organized, disciplined and forward thinking. You have a thorough understanding of technology and how to use it in a systematic way to help AV integrators and their clients. I wish you continued success. You deserve it and our industry is benefiting from it."

Theo Kalomirakis, Principal
TK Theaters – New York, NY

logo tk theater color

"Since our first collaboration with One Firefly we have continued to reap the benefits. From our investment in marketing materials, our website, to all the additional products and services we’ve used them for, we could not have invested our money more wisely. One of the biggest impacts has been your consulting and the Sales Portfolio book. Using it in an introductory meeting with a major contractor helped us close three jobs. I don’t think there’s a marketing tool out there than can do better than that. Rest assured we will continue to use One Firefly for many years to come. Thank you for your guidance and professionalism."

Robert Autar, Owner
Westcoast Audio Video Gallery - Vancouver, BC

logo westcoast color

"Being a “small” company doesn’t mean you have to “think small,” or deliver lesser grade services to customers. One Firefly provided me the roadmap to deliver quality, professional services to my customers and helps me achieve project and business goals that were formerly out of my reach. One Firefly was the right partner to help elevate my business and set me apart from the competition."

Dylan Aronsohn, President
AudioFaze – Hollywood, FL

logo audio faze color

"One Firefly is a mainstay in the CE industry and is an organization we trust to provide insight in more than just technical design and engineering."

Will Gilbert, Owner
Think Simple – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

logo thinksimple color

"ASI is super excited about the launch of our new website, with a big thank you to the team at OneFirefly! Their ability to collaborate on a site that was tailored for our products, services, and clientele made it a big success. Ron, John, Kendall and the team had good, regular communication and a process that gave us clear expectations. Highly recommend!"

April Gwen Kettelle, Owner
Automated Shading and Lighting Control – New York, NY


"In a world where mediocrity seems to be the norm, Ron and the team at OneFirefly are a refreshing exception. They are the utmost professionals in every way I can think of. By way of exceptional and effective products, exemplary communication, and consistent followthrough, they have become the standard by which all companies in the custom integration space are measured. Hats off to One Firefly!"

George Borghi, Owner
Totally Wired – Westlake Village, CA


"We are continually impressed with OneFireFly's ability to think outside the box. When the next great breakthrough in Marketing to this industry occurs, we believe OFF will be in the epicenter of it."

Paul Starkey


"One Firefly is a mainstay in the CE industry and is an organization we trust to provide insight in more than just technical design and engineering."

Dana DeVance, Owner
DeVance – Carrollton, TX


"Ron and his team are an excellent resource and asset to our company. We have had a great experience during the website building process."

Shawn Hansson, Owner
Logic AV – Lone Tree, CO


"I'd like to thank you and your team for all the hard work you've done for us! Your marketing work has led to bigger and better opportunities for us and we truly appreciate it. It's been nice to see our web presence take a physical form."

Carmine Colangelo, Director of Systems Engineering



One Firefly is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 102 reviews from around the Web.
Very knowledgeable and helpful. Great customer service.
Thank you for 10 years of great service!!!
Ron and his team really have the pulse on growing your business online - live what their doing to grow our industry.
Great job on our web site!
Awesome !
Ron and his team have done a great job for us with a website and a variety of other services.
Great company to deal with.
Just last week I got a lead on Monday from someone shopping around and today that person has 3 TVs, a multi-room audio system, and a new network that we installed in their new home.
Love the progressive and relevant solutions brought to our industry from these guys. Great stuff from the team at One Firefly!
These guys do great work, and Ron is excellent at communicating project details and timelines and then following through.