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Print Collateral

Your business collateral can be the single most important piece to the puzzle, but is often times not given the attention and consideration it deserves. One Firefly takes the steps to ensure that your brand material not only stands out but entices your audience to see what else you have to offer.


Business Cards   |   Letterhead   |   Presentation Folder   |   Sell Sheet   |   Brochure Trifold   |   Brochure Large Format   |   Direct Mail





Business Cards

A first impression is worth a thousand words. You make a statement about your company every time you hand out a business card to a potential client or new contact. The purpose of a business card is two-fold: 1) provide all your up-to-date contact information and 2) give people a sense of how your company represents itself. Stand apart from competitors with the vibrant colors, crisp text and a unique feel that have become the signature for business cards designed by One Firefly. We quality control the print process to guarantee superior execution. In addition to standard stock cards, we excel at designing and producing specialty business cards that elevate your brand further with foil stamps, spot UV, embossing and die-cut options. A top of the line business card reflects your standard and gives people the reassurance that they are dealing with a top of the line business.

Available materials for specialty cards include:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Suede
  • Silk
  • Plastic
  • Metal/Copper






In today’s digital world of websites, blogs and emails, sometimes the simplest marketing mediums get forgotten. This is a common story with professional print correspondence. Letterhead and envelopes are one of the easiest ways to increase credibility and convey a more powerful message with people you do business with. Your brand looks established and it will differentiate you, even if it’s just getting someone’s attention for a few extra seconds when they go through their mail. Well-designed letterhead from the paper quality, colors, fonts and style makes people feel more appreciated and creates a consistent and lasting impression.

Letterhead 001
Letterhead 002
Letterhead 003
Letterhead 004




Presentation Folder

A presentation folder enables you to stand out by consistently presenting your company as professional, established and with a uniform brand and message. A custom designed folder is the perfect sales tool for you to organize materials you give to potential clients. One pocket is commonly used for a discovery statement, design agreement, scope and budget report, or proposal. The second pocket is convenient for brochures such as sell sheets, trifold or large format. The final touch is to slip your business card into the pocket slits so prospects can easily contact you. Elegantly consolidate your leave behind materials with a presentation folder created by One Firefly.

Available formats for presentation folders include:

  • Glossy UV
  • Matte
  • Silk Laminated
  • Spot UV
  • Uncoated

Presentation Folder 002
Presentation Folder 004
Presentation Folder 004x2 Alpha Dog P
Presentation Folder 003 Lucid P




Sell Sheet

Sell Sheets are like giant postcards. They come in a single standard size of 8.5” X 11” with portrait or landscape layout. Build trust and position your company as a leader by providing concise and valuable information organized on a Sell Sheet. Educate and showcase preferred solutions, services, spaces, projects, your process or an overall highlight of your company. Create further engagement by driving them to your website home page, a specific page or a dedicated landing page. Partner with One Firefly to create a polished leave-behind that makes an impact and delivers an insightful message.

Available finishes for sell sheets include:

  • UV Glossy
  • Matte
  • Spot UV

Sell Sheet 001
Sell Sheet 002
Sell Sheet 003
Sell Sheet 004




Brochure Trifold

A brochure enables you to take information from your website and put it directly into the hands of potential clients and trade partners including builders, architects and designers. Trifolds are the perfect way to reach your targeted audience either as inserts, part of a direct mail campaign, handouts at an event, or on display at a builder design center for example. Concisely and visually highlight a few solutions, services, partner brands, or your process in a trifold. Whether it’s a barrel style that folds into the center with the left side going over the right or the accordion style of a Z-Fold, a trifold brochure stimulates interest and encourages people to visit your website for more in-depth information. When you work with One Firefly we design a highly effective brochure that presents your company and message consistently.

Available formats for brochure trifold include:

  • 8.5” X 11” Barrel Fold or Z-Fold
  • 11” X 17” Barrel Fold or Z-Fold

Trifold Template01 InnovativeTech
Trifold Template06 ISS
Trifold Template08 Elite
Trifold Template10 CasaPlex




Brochure Large Format

As we shift to a more paperless world it’s easy to assume your company doesn’t need a large format brochure. When prospective customers and other trades receive a custom full-color brochure with an exciting design it demonstrates your professionalism and competence. This perceived trustworthiness is key to instill confidence that you are the best company to work with. A custom brochure is a powerful sales tool to convey your message, invoke an emotion, and motivate the viewer to take action. One Firefly’s talented designers and copywriters incorporate a strong design sense with effective visual communication to bring an aesthetically desirable and strategically developed large format brochure that speaks to your targeted audience. A large format brochure is produced using rolls of print instead of printing on individual sheets. This allows for the use of bolder text, wider images and a more astonishing quality that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

Available large format brochures include:

  • Flat (Portrait or Landscape)
  • 4 Page
  • 8 Page
  • 12 Page

Brochure Large Format 001
Brochure Large Format 002
Brochure Large Format 003
Brochure Large Format 004




Direct Mail

The main benefit of direct mail is you are able to place your business directly into a potential client’s mailbox and hands. Your postcard, letter, brochure, or package has to be handled and touched giving your brand exposure for at least a few seconds, which is worth a lot these days. One Firefly designs customized content for delivery to neighborhoods you service, your industry partners, or a new region you want to expand to. Apply an integrated strategy to take your content marketing to the next level by sending an eye-catching postcard consistent with your monthly blog and eNewsletter. Direct mail is also a great way to grow your eNewsletter list or Facebook following by driving people to a URL to sign up or follow your business. Create hype for a new location, updated showroom, or your partnership with a design center.  Get some attention with an attractive direct mail piece from One Firefly.

Direct Mail 001
Direct Mail 002
Direct Mail 003
Direct Mail 004


 Business Cards   |   Letterhead   |   Presentation Folder   |   Sell Sheet   |   Brochure Trifold   |   Brochure Large Format   |   Direct Mail