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Sales Portfolio Packages

The Sales Portfolio acts as a powerful selling aid to assist your representative in conveying to their audience your most vital services and processes in a timely and accurate way. We recommend that the entire sales staff be trained in your company’s selling process. Every salesperson should be armed with a Sales Portfolio for their formal presentation, trained on how to communicate your company culture and walk a potential client through your offering and how to get started right away. Your Sales Portfolio will be used in many different ways, depending on your audience. For example some clients may only want a cursory look at your sample engineering documentation, while an architect might want a more thorough explanation of how you document your project. No two meetings are the same, and no two Sales Portfolios are either.


"The portfolio arrived and is beautiful!  Thank you so much!  I’m sure as we grow and continue to change over the years we’ll get new pages added, etc… so we are really happy with it!"

logo testimonial preview devanceDana DeVance  |  Vice President
DeVance AV Design, Inc.


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Sales Portfolio on the iPad

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Benefits of the Sales Portfolio

The Sales Portfolio acts as a powerful selling aid to assist the sales person in conveying to their audience the following points in a timely and accurate way.  Present to your clients or referral source…

  • Why your company is unique and special
  • How your process works
  • How their project scope and budget results in their personalized design
  • What services and technology solutions your firm offers
  • How your firm performs system design and engineering
  • When you will collect $$$

sales portfolio sales team

With the Sales Portfolio you will...

  • Systematize your selling process so you are less reliant on “Ace” sales people and you can train people on how to sell your firm
  • Increase your close ratio
  • Increase your dollar per sale
  • Speak on the same level as your architect, designer and builder referral sources
  • Win design contracts by showing your clients samples of what you will deliver, once contracted




    The Process

    graphic sales portfolio process4

The Process

  1. 1-On-1 Consultation: Your order and scope of work is assembled online
  2. Content Gathering: Logos, project images, and documentation are coordinated between our Creative team and the client
  3. Design Development: Content is uploaded and configured to your specifications as defined by your order
  4. Proof/Edits Provided: 1st draft of sales portfolio is presented to you within 10 days of One Firefly receiving a signed contract and payment
  5. Approval Production/Delivery: Once approved, your sales portfolio is printed, bound, and shipped directly to you
  6. Sales Portfolio Training: We train your sales team to get the most out of this client-facing tool
  7. Content Additions: As your business grows, we can expand your portfolio to reflect new solutions and services offered

View all Sales Portfolio content options through a one-on-one consultation with our industry specialists

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Package includes…

  • +   Get started with 30+ pages of premier industry content
  • +   Capability to view digitally via iPad or web device
  • +   Company branding utilized throughout
  • +   Professionally printed and screw post bound to cover hardware


Package includes the Pro Sales Portfolio options, plus…

  • +   Grow the sales experience with 40+ pages of premier industry content
  • +   Includes 3 custom pages (utilizing client supplied content)
  • +   Custom designed and branded inside front cover page
  • +   Hardcover branding engraved (Requires vector logo for laser production)
  • +   Authorized brands displayed in Product Manufacturers section


Package includes the Firefly Sales Portfolio options, plus…

  • +   Introduce the client to the entire world of AV with 50+ pages of premier industry content
  • +   Includes 5 custom pages (utilizing client supplied content)
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