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Brand-Specific Marketing Programs for Dealers

Learn how you can leverage industry-leading brands to stay in front of your prospects and customers with the latest solutions and drive new business growth. Explore our manufacturer-focused marketing programs below.

Brand-Specific Marketing Programs for Dealers

Learn how you can leverage industry-leading brands to stay in front of your prospects and customers with the latest solutions and drive new business growth. Explore our manufacturer-focused marketing programs below.

Some of the leading manufacturers who have partnered with One Firefly

Partnering with One Firefly Delivers Results

We offer several ways to leverage manufacturer content to drive marketplace awareness, generate new leads and sales opportunities, and nurture existing customers through co-marketing campaigns designed around the leading brands you represent.

One Firefly makes it easy to acquire co-branded, manufacturer-focused content and deploy it through all your marketing channels. As your trusted marketing partner, we promise to keep your data and accounts safe — we will never share your email lists, social media accounts, or other data with our manufacturer partners. We create all the campaign assets and execute campaigns to your end-user network via email marketing, paid advertising, and other marketing strategies. We also monitor campaign performance and present the results to you.


We typically need only 15 minutes of your time to get started.


Manufacturers pay part or all of the program costs.


Stay top of mind by putting the latest solutions in front of your customers and prospects.

Co-Op Funds / Market Development Funds (MDF) / Dealer Marketing Credits (DMC)

Get the most impact from your manufacturer-provided funds. Let us guide you on how to use them to drive new revenue opportunities with the brands and products you sell through focused, brand-specific marketing. Investing these funds into your marketing efforts is a strategic way to turn “free money” into growth for your business.

Active Manufacturer Programs

We work directly with manufacturers to develop brand-focused campaigns that help generate new leads and sales opportunities through marketing the latest solutions to your prospects and customers. Every campaign will be co-branded with your information. Find out if you qualify for any of the active programs currently running.

Why Partner with One Firefly

We have years of proven success working with leading manufacturers to design and implement integrated marketing programs that drive business growth for dealers like you.

  • We save you time and effort by managing programs from start to finish. Once we receive some basic information from you (which takes about 15 minutes to collect), One Firefly does all the heavy lifting of campaign asset creation, deployment to your audience, and performance reporting. 

  • We work directly with manufacturers to develop co-branded manufacturer programs. That means we get the latest messaging and imagery for your campaigns right from the source.

  • We leverage our industry expertise and content specialization to develop impactful programs for you. Our team has years of experience creating content about the latest and greatest technology solutions from manufacturers with messaging that will resonate with your prospects and customers in the buyer’s journey.

  • We consistently invest time and resources into building new partnerships and programs that help you grow. Our team proactively cultivates relationships with industry-leading manufacturers so we can continue to offer you new programs that drive growth with the brands you carry.


You don’t just have to take our word for it. Hear from our manufacturer partners and dealers about what it’s like to work with One Firefly.

Sony Co-Marketing Program Success: Testimonials from Sonys Diamond Dealers

Discover the transformative impact of the Sony Co-Marketing Program in collaboration with One Firefly. This video features firsthand testimonials from Sony's Custom Integrator (CI) channel Diamond dealers who have experienced tremendous success through our co-branded marketing efforts.
"When you've been as busy as GHT has been over the past few years, for partners that we trust to put together a program like this that can be executed on our behalf directly to our customers takes a huge load off our resources. From the very first co-branded Sony email blast, I've never seen the amount of phone calls, email inquiries, and people inquiring via our website about the featured TV. We’ve directly sold multiple Sony Televisions from that blast. I want to thank Sony and One Firefly for doing this on our behalf, it works."
Eric Joy, Chief Experience Officer
GHT Group
"We have had just hundreds of success stories communicated back to us on how impactful and effective the marketing activities that we do with One Firefly brings to these dealers.”
Jeff Goldstein, Head of Sales
Sony Electronics
“You guys have just been amazing. We sold 8 brand new deals from the Sony program, and each deal is on average between $30,000 - $50,000. That is an enormous amount of new income that I don't think I would have gotten. It has been incredibly positive.”
Tom Farinola, Owner
Atlantic Home Entertainment & Stereo
“We are only successful if our dealers are successful. We know that most of them run small companies and that there's not always a budget for creative work that is impactful. It’s important to us that we help our dealers attract new customers while also communicating the value of our brand.”
Aaron Gutin, Product Category Director
Savant Systems
“One Firefly is a marketing agency for the dealer, and what better company to partner with than someone that is focused on the custom integrator? You know the custom integrator really well and you know Lutron very well, so it made sense for us to partner with you.”
Melissa White, Residential Marketing Leader
Lutron Electronics
"We partnered with One Firefly because they were able to put together the right program and the right follow-up and the right team to support our dealers in moving them into a new way of communicating with customers."
Jeff Goldstein, Head of Sales
Sony Electronics
“We partner with One Firefly because the core of what both Savant and our dealers deliver is an experience, and One Firefly brings everything into an understandable format to really help us showcase how easy it is for a consumer to manage their home.”
Angela Larsen, Senior VP, Customer Operations
Savant Systems

    How it works

    One Firefly makes it fast and easy for you to get started using your MDF or launching a manufacturer program. We require very little time investment on your part, and our team manages the creation, deployment, and evaluation process of every campaign from start to finish.

    Ready to Get Started?

    Reach out to our team and schedule a consultation to discuss your marketing goals and our program offerings in more detail. We’re looking forward to connecting with you!