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Automation Unplugged

Automation Unplugged is a Facebook Live show recorded weekly with our host Ron Callis, Owner and CEO of the digital marketing agency, One Firefly. In each Automation Unplugged episode, Ron speaks with leading industry personalities and technology professionals to discuss all things business development, technology trends, and more. These interviews are designed to help our clients and members of the custom integration industry keep up-to-date with the latest news as well as learn from experts in the field.

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Articles tagged with: AV Showroom

Home Automation Podcast Episode #116: An Industry Q&A With Rusty Deeble

In this weeks home automation show of Automation Unplugged, Rusty Deeble, President of Digital Installers, shares how interior design has elevated their showroom as well as using social media methods to strengthen design-build relationships.

Home Automation Podcast Episode #116: An Industry Q&A With Rusty Deeble

This week's home automation podcast features our host Ron Callis interviewing Rusty Deeble. Recorded live on Wednesday, May 5th at 12:30 p.m. EST.

About Rusty Deeble

With a life-long passion for technology, Rusty has been building computers and networking them for businesses since he was 14-years old. Towards the end of his studies at Cal State University, Rusty founded Digital Installers out of Long Beach, California in 2001 and has never looked back.

Digital Installers now has an impressive showroom that mixes interior design with smart technology and even won the ProSource Dream Theater Makeover Contest in 2019.

Rusty uses his showroom as a way to bring the community together, from offering it as an event venue to even gifting movie nights to dedicated clients and prospects.

Interview Recap

  • How the use of quality interior design has elevated their showroom and helped consumers better envision smart technology in their home 
  • Ways Rusty is using social media to strengthen relationships within the design-build community
  • The benefits using his showroom as an event venue has brought to Digital Installers over the years
  • Why Rusty created the concept of TV templates and how he believe it can help integrators save time and win larger projects

Watch Episode #9: an Industry Q&A Session with Dave Gilbert

Learn from the High-End Audio Expert

Watch Episode #9: an Industry Q&A Session with Dave Gilbert

In this Automation Unplugged interview, Ron Callis interviews Dave Gilbert, Co-owner and Senior VP of Hi-Fi Sales located in Cherry Hill, NJ. Dave's integration firm is an award-winning exclusive member of the CEPro 100 (#85 in 2017) and founding member of Bravas. 

About Dave Gilbert

Dave Gilbert is the Senior Vice President at Hi-Fi Sales, a home automation company in New Jersey. He has a wide range of skills in the automation and audio industry, with 36 years of experience running a custom integration business. In his role at Hi-Fi Sales, Dave oversees sales, marketing, purchasing, and management. He is also a Fellow of the International Furnishings and Design Association.

Interview Recap

In this two-part interview, Ron and Dave discussed strategies and industry news surrounding a variety of topics, such as:

  • How Dave got started in the automation and high-end audio industry
  • Dave's business relationship with George Watts over the years
  • His role as Senior Vice President of Hi-Fi Sales
  • The value of having a showroom and best practices in using showrooms
  • Tips for selling high-end audio systems
  • Hi-Fi Sale's role as a founding member of Bravas Group and participation in ProSource
  • Advice for other integrators trying to reach CE Pro 100 dealer status
  • Dave's passion for spending time at the racetrack
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