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Account Management

Manage your marketing through a single point of contact with a dedicated account manager to coordinate our team on your behalf and make strategic recommendations for performance improvement.

Learn How We Make Marketing Easy For You

At One Firefly, we understand that navigating the complex world of marketing can be overwhelming, and takes your time and energy away from what you really need to be focusing on — running your business. That's why we make it easy for you to manage your marketing campaigns by giving you a single point of contact for all communications and accountability related to your account: a dedicated account manager.

We like to use the tip of the iceberg metaphor to describe the crucial role of the account manager. Your account manager is your primary ongoing relationship with One Firefly, the face of our company that you'll interact with regularly, and your advocate within our team. But behind the scenes is a full team of subject matter experts and resources working to design, execute, and optimize ongoing campaigns on your behalf. They are the hidden breadth and depth of the iceberg that drives the work, supporting your account manager and ensuring that we deliver the best possible results for you.

Dedicated account management makes it easy for you to streamline all your communications through a single point of contact, while still gaining access to an entire team of experts for a fraction of the cost of hiring a single in-house marketer.

What Can You Expect With Dedicated Account Management?

Your account manager will be your trusted marketing guide at One Firefly, working closely with you to understand your business, goals, and unique needs. He or she will manage all aspects of your marketing campaigns, including coordinating and liaising with our team of 75+ experts on your behalf, providing expert guidance and strategy recommendations to help you achieve your goals, and communicating frequently with you to understand what you need to succeed.

Here’s what you can expect from your dedicated account manager.

Editorial calendar build-out and management.

Your account manager will build out a strategic editorial calendar that aligns with your short and long-term business goals. When changes occur and your goals shift, your account manager will be on hand to adjust the editorial calendar, as needed.

Regular strategic marketing recommendations.

Your account manager is the go-to expert strategist thinking critically on your behalf year-round. He or she will monitor your ongoing campaigns and proactively make strategy recommendations based on your overall goals.

Ongoing campaign performance review.

Your account manager will monitor all your marketing campaigns, synthesize the data for you, and help you understand what it means. Additionally, they’ll help you navigate your reporting dashboards, which you have full access to 24/7.

Ongoing campaign performance optimization.

Your account manager will recommend and execute optimization strategies based on performance data, constructive dialogue with you about your goals, market changes, and other factors, to improve your marketing results and impact over time.

Regular communication.

You and your account manager will communicate regularly via video call, phone calls, and email on a cadence that works best for you. The 1:1 meetings also give you the opportunity to let your account manager know about any new changes in your business that should be supported with marketing.

Single touchpoint for everything you need.

Your account manager is your single point of contact for questions, feedback, and support, and acts as your advocate within the One Firefly team at large. He or she is here to give you peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated partner working hard to help you succeed.

Account Management Tiers

Tier One

1 30 minute quarterly meeting
Monthly AM drafted personalized campaign summary, delivered on non-meeting months
Monthly marketing analytics report

Tier Two

1 45 minute bi-monthly meeting
Monthly drafted personalized campaign summary (non meeting months)
Monthly marketing analytics report
Social/Writing Team member availability

Tier Three

1 60 minute bi-monthly meeting
Monthly marketing analytics report
Social/Writing Team member availability

Tier Four

60 min of monthly meeting time (Max 2 total meetings/month)
Monthly marketing analytics report
Paid Advertising Team member availability

Tier Five

90 min of monthly meeting time (Max 2 total meetings/month)
Monthly marketing analytics report
Social/Writing/Paid Advertising Team member availability
Social Media Topic Calendar with Review & Approval

Tier Five

240 min of monthly meeting time (Max 4 total meetings/month)
Account Manager positioned as sole point of contact
Senior members of production team assigned
Monthly marketing analytics report
Priority scheduling for all production
Custom styled newsletter
Social/Writing/Paid Advertising Team member availability
Social Media Topic Calendar with Review & Approval


You don’t just have to take our word for it. Hear from other businesses, like you, about what it’s like to work with One Firefly.
“Ellie has really owned our account as she's gotten acclimated with our company. She’s always quick to respond with any questions we have and takes the time to listen and provide us with excellent ideas to drive the type of business we want to our company. Most importantly, she's excellent at reminding us to take care of the things on our end we often set on the back burner. 12/10.”
John Sears, System Designer
Audio Video Experience
Hampton, NH
“Your account managers have been one of the differentiators of working with you.”
Jeff Binette, President
Smart Home Solutions, Inc.
Kennebunk, ME
“Katie and One Firefly continue to be wonderful partners to our business and we are pleased with the results we are achieving together. I believe the new year will bring new market conditions and require a new strategy, but I am confident One Firefly will be there to support us and walk in step with us. I look forward to continued success. Thanks for all you do.”
Matt Grant, CEO
Eyehear Technology Group
Kalispell, MT
"Jordan always provides timely feedback/reporting, consistently goes above and beyond in our exceptional level of scope, and is continually reliable as a valued extension of the Wipliance team.”
Melissa Mitchell, Marketing Manager
Multiple Locations


    Once you sign up for ongoing digital marketing services, you’ll receive a dedicated account manager to oversee your account, build and optimize campaign strategies, coordinate with our team on your behalf, and give clear reporting of your marketing performance. Here’s what you can expect during the process of working with your account manager.


    We know you have questions — and we have the answers. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for below, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.
    When will I find out who my account manager is?
    After you sign up for a monthly digital marketing package, you’ll be assigned an account manager. You and your new account manager will have a kick-off call to make introductions and start discussing your business, goals, and unique needs. From then on out, you can turn to your account manager to answer any questions, guide you through onboarding processes, make sure your projects and campaigns are on track, and address any issues or concerns that arise.
    How often will I meet with my account manager?
    It depends on the level of account management you select. We offer scalable tiers so you can choose the level that best fits the amount of time you want to spend meeting with our team. Depending on your wants and needs, you could meet with your account manager on a video call anywhere from once a month to once a quarter. Additionally, some tiers of account management provide regular check-ins via phone or email between meetings.
    Will I be allowed to meet with a content writer or social media team member?
    It depends on the level of account management you select. Some tiers offer the option for a member of the social, writing, and/or SEM team to join monthly or quarterly meetings. These meetings provide an excellent opportunity for you to give feedback that can help our team optimize your content for better performance.
    Can I upgrade my level of account management?
    Yes — if you decide you need more time with your account manager, or you’d like more options for meeting with your social, writer, or SEM team member, you may request an upgrade in account management level. Please speak with your account manager or account executive if you’d like to change your current tier.

    I'm Ready to Learn More!

    We’re looking forward to connecting with you. Reach out to our team and schedule a consultation to discuss your goals and marketing needs.