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SEM - Request for Proposal (RFP)

About Us:

One Firefly is a fast-growing, Inc 5000-listed marketing agency that caters to technology professionals in residential and commercial custom integration and security markets. Our decentralized team is passionate about helping our clients grow regardless of their current size or industry stature.

We’ve managed to grow revenue 35%+ YoY for the past 5 years and are expecting revenues north of $5.5million for 2021. Though we consider ourselves a fully integrated marketing agency, the majority of our revenue is recurring in nature, primarily from our content marketing services. At the moment, we have around 500 clients receiving some type of monthly service.


We’ve recently (March 2020) launched SEM services and are beginning the process of scaling this service more broadly to more customers within primary industries we serve of residential and commercial AV and automation companies. Our in-house product development team has spent many hours crafting SOPs and architecting the MVP SEM product and enhancements as defined below in Phases 1. The product has gone through several phases thus far:

  • Phase 1: Utilize 3rd party production, with in house account management
  • Phase 2: Utilize in house production and account management

Note: Both Phase 1 and 2 were offered to clients that already had a One Firefly developed website and were existing digital marketing clients and thus had an already assigned account manager.

  • Phase 3: Expand Phase 2 to include offering SEM to clients that do NOT have a One Firefly website and are not required to have a preexisting relationship with One Firefly digital marketing services.

We currently work with 34 clients for SEM, before we scale even further, we desire a consultant with significant experience within SEM/Google Ads to help audit our systems, product and processes to ensure we are adequately built to scale in an efficient and profitable way that is up to par with leading SEM agencies. We strive to deliver a SEM service that is best in class and delivers exceptional results for our clients.

Desired Experience from Consultant:

  • Direct experience scaling or helping an SEM-focused agency/department scale from <$1m to >$3m
  • Significant technical knowledge around SEM, Google Ads best practices and digital marketing in general
  • Direct understanding of digital agency staffing structures and accountabilities in roles
  • An eye for process improvement and direct knowledge of how these systems affect the bottom line/profitability
  • Intimate understanding of how SEM fits into an integrated marketing solution 


  1. Complete audit of One Firefly’s SEM product detailing recommendations for improvement specifically around scaling:
    • Product & systems SOPs
    • Onboarding metrics and processes
    • Staffing & department structure, including capacity 
    • Profitability of the department 
    • Industry benchmark data around churn/attrition and performance KPIs
  2. Phased engagement to include an initial audit process and ongoing facilitated support and guidance. 


  • Proposals Due: June 4, 2021
  • Interviews with Finalists: Week of June 7th, 2021
  • Engagement to commence: (ideally) Week of June 14, 2021 (or ASAP)

Facts About One Firefly’s Typical Clients:

  • Size: 1 person to 80 staff
  • Revenue: $500k to $75M
  • Google Ads spend monthly: $1500 - $10k
  • Clients historical track record with SEM: Minimal to Poor