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Pre-Assessment | Content Department Manager

Important Instructions:

Before we begin, review the following instructions and notices below…

1.) Once you begin the assessment, by clicking the “Start Assessment” button below, do not browse away from the page to look up answers. We will know. Please honor the integrity of the test by providing your honest answers. The assessment is not intended to be “aced” but rather gauge where you stand.

2.) The assessment is timed. You will have 50 minutes to complete. There is a countdown clock on the assessment page; you will need to click submit button at the bottom of assessment before the time runs out. (Hint: Recommend not spending any more than 1 minutes on a single multiple choice question; don’t ponder too long, if you don’t know answer, move on. Generally this will leave you more time to ensure you make it through the assessment; you can always go back if you have additional time).

3.) An "optional" Bonus round is included. If you wish to take. It does not count against you if you opt out of the bonus, it is simply an additional opportunity to further impress beyond the specific skills we are seeking. If you choose to take the bonus portion, we ask please give yourself an additional 15 minutes. The countdown clock will not understand you are taking bonus section, and thus wont update time and time will run out on the clock, se please proceed with honor system and give yourself 15 minutes to complete; we will know time you used from the screen recording).

4.) Your assessment will be screen recorded; this means three things...

  • we can see how much time you took for each section
  • we will see your submission as you submit them
  • As it will be "screen recorded" we cannot see your camera/video, but will see your mouse movements and can detect if you leave the screen to look up answers

5.) Once you begin, do NOT do the following…

  • do not refresh the browser page
  • do not close the browser tab until you are finished with the assessment
  • do not hit the “enter” key on your keyboard (this will in effect submit the form prematurely)

That's It! Ready to begin? Click the button below to get started... (once you start, you cannot decide to later come back and continue the test)