Welcome, Brenna Basden

Brenna was raised in the Houston, Texas suburbs with her close-knit family of six. After taking on piano lessons at a young age, Brenna continued to refine her musical ear through high school, where she quickly discovered her passion for English. Although she continues to play piano today, Brenna said no to a college degree in music theory and rigorously studied the etymology of English, the mechanics of poetry and prose, and all periods of English literature.

After graduating with high honors from the University of North Texas with a degree in English and a certificate in technical communication, Brenna made her way into the professional marketing world where she worked on projects like web copy and design, case studies and other technical media, visual concepts and graphic design, SEO, email campaigns, event coordinating, and more.

Brenna is excited to be part of the One Firefly team, where she’ll be able to harness her skills and passion for writing to help deliver top-tier SEO content for One Firefly clients. She’s confident that her previous experience in marketing management will be a unique contribution to the writing team at One Firefly.

When Brenna isn’t working at her computer, you can find her throwing around a barbell in a CrossFit workout, drinking coffee at a local café, playing the piano, or reading the latest news in smart home technology to keep up with the quickly growing and ever-changing industry.


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