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Webinar: CM2.0

webinar cm2x0

CM2.0 sets the new standard for marketing in the digital era. CM2.0 was created to be simple, strategic and effective. CM2.0 is the latest iteration of our monthly content marketing service that has delivered effective results over the past three years for home technology professionals, including CE Pro 100 companies. It is the only solution that combines 3 marketing modules: 1) unique blogs with 2) eNewsletters and 3) Facebook management for an integrated digital marketing system. Plus it’s created and delivered by content managers exclusively focused on the custom electronics industry saving you time and maximizing overall success. CM2.0 positions you as a market leader to the audience that matters most: clients, referrals and referral sources including architects, designers and builders.

Learn how "CM2.0" gets you found online by the types of customers you want. See key product features and examples of how it has helped integrators increase website traffic and generate new sales leads.

Target Audience:

  • Business Owners
  • General Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Operations

The Webinar:

  • Industry: Technology Integration
  • Markets: Residential & Commercial
  • Length: 30 Minutes

Presented by Ron Callis, Jr., CEO of One Firefly.