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Interactive Demos from Innea Help You Educate Your Customers By Showing Them How Automation Works



innea preview livingroom

Apartment Living Room layout includes fully interactive lighting control, shading control, audio and video control and example screens for intercom, security and camera systems.

innea preview cinema

Home Cinema Setting includes fully interactive lighting control, projector and screen layout with a motorized curtain, audio and video. This demo does not feature a window with an exterior view.

innea preview office

Corporate Board Room setup includes full interactive lighting control system with motorized shades, projection presentation system, media package and example UI for climate control.

innea preview hotel

Hotel Suite shows fully interactive lighting control, shading control, audio and video control and beautiful view of your preferred cityscape.

innea preview classroom

Large Classroom demo provides a good example of how an intelligent classroom could be configured with lighting control, a presentation systems and an audio system.

innea preview yacht

The Yacht Lounge includes a fully automated hot tube with an interactive television and ambient mood lighting.

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