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Websites, digital marketing, and branding all under one roof

The Leading Marketing Agency Serving AV and Integration Professionals

We save you time and help you grow.

Websites, digital marketing, and branding all under one roof

The Leading Marketing Agency Serving AV and Integration Professionals

We save you time and help you grow.
Industry leaders partner with One Firefly

Our clients want to: 

No Smoke and Mirrors. Just Results.

After nearly two decades in this space, we provide our clients unmatched industry expertise, content specialization, and knowledge of the competitive landscape, giving them an edge over their competition.


Leads generated for our clients


Industry websites built


Integrators engaged with marketing services

< 1 hour

Average time clients spend on monthly marketing

“We don’t have to explain our industry to One Firefly”

“It's important to find someone who understands our industry and our business, and that's what attracted me to One Firefly. That's important because you have to spend less time explaining what it is you do. I know we do that every day with our customers, but we don't want to have to do that with our marketing team.”
Mark Hoffenberg, CEO & Founder

We Know You Have Options.
Let Us Help You Make the Right Choice.

You have options when it comes to choosing a marketing partner… and the consequences of making the wrong choice can cost you significant time, money, and even business to competitors. At One Firefly, we believe that a successful marketing partnership is a two-way street. We want to help you make a deliberate, informed decision about bringing the best marketing partner into your business.

Here’s what you need to know about the common alternatives many of the clients we speak to are considering.

I would like to:

Manage marketing in-house

Keep In Mind:
  • A part-time marketer on your team starts with the best intentions to prioritize your marketing efforts. But when other business tasks and projects arise, marketing is the first thing to get deprioritized, and as a result, your marketing efforts are low-quality and inconsistent.

  • Your in-house marketer likely has some creative or technical skills, but he or she doesn’t have the breadth of knowledge necessary across all disciplines to manage every aspect of marketing. The result is marketing efforts that lack quality, a consistent brand voice, and cohesiveness, and fail to deliver a return on investment.

  • An in-house marketer costs you a salary, paid time off, and overhead expenses. In comparison, an agency like One Firefly costs you a fraction of the expense, plus you’ll gain access to the experience, resources, and know-how on our team.

  • Turnover happens in every business, but if your in-house marketer leaves, your marketing is back at square one. In comparison, while turnover also happens at an agency like One Firefly, this does not impact the overall strategy and execution of your consistent marketing efforts, because you’re hiring a team, not a person.

Hire a typical agency

Keep In Mind:
  • A generalist agency does not understand the AV, security, and integration industry. You’re required to spend a lot of time explaining your business, services, products, and target customers to get the agency up to speed. And if turnover occurs, you’re back to square one.

  • A generalist agency does not have content specialization. Their content deliverables aren’t always on target for your customer demographic, and they don’t always know how to talk about the technology and solutions you offer. As a result, you are likely to spend more time refining the content than initially planned.

  • Typical agencies have a high client to account manager ratio, and don’t have the time to dedicate personal attention to your account. In comparison, One Firefly has a target client to account manager ratio of 25:1, allowing us to spend more time focused on your campaigns.

  • Many marketing agencies specialize in a few marketing disciplines — but not all. Thus, you’re required to build a portfolio of marketing support services to serve all your needs. In contrast, One Firefly offers everything you need under one roof — web, content marketing, paid advertising, and branding.

Do what I’ve always done

Keep In Mind:
  • By strictly relying on referrals, you are passively accepting whatever the market is delivering to you. You have the choice to be in the driver’s seat with an effective marketing plan that aligns with your marketing strategy.

  • Business is not a sprint, it’s a marathon without a finish line. If your business is at production capacity, that simply means your marketing strategy should be primarily focused on building your online presence and branding for the future.

  • Just because you tried marketing tactics in the past, and they didn’t deliver the outcomes or ROI you expected, doesn’t mean that marketing is ineffective. Perhaps the marketing strategy or execution could have been different to help realize better results.

  • The internet matters, and you can’t ignore the role the internet plays in the decision-making process of your clients. When you invest in marketing, you have a way to control the narrative. Defining your company voice, brand perception, online review profile, and thought leadership status puts you in a position to win more business.

8 Ways We Do Things Differently

At One Firefly, we have a proven track record of success driving growth for AV, security, and integration businesses in residential and commercial spaces. And it’s because we put you, our client, first in everything we do. Here’s how.

We believe in a tailored approach to marketing.

One size does not fit all, and unique businesses require unique marketing strategies to drive results. We extensively consult with you before recommending the right balance of content and paid strategies to meet the goals you’ve set.

We believe you should have full ownership of your online assets.

100% of your accounts, content, and websites belong to you.

We believe in data-driven marketing.

We evaluate and analyze your campaign data, make optimization recommendations, and regularly engage in discussions with you about strategies to drive better performance.

We believe in innovation and forward thinking.

We are always actively listening to you, and investing time, money, and resources into developing new, creative solutions to solve your business challenges and enable ongoing growth.

We believe that specialization leads to better results.

One person can’t know everything required to design, execute, and analyze your marketing outreach. Our in-house team includes experts in all marketing disciplines, working together to drive effective campaigns across all your marketing strategies.

We believe in data transparency.

You always have 24/7 access to your data and performance dashboards. Plus, you have a dedicated account manager to synthesize your data and help you understand what it means.

We believe that better is better.

We hire the best talent and equip our team to deliver the best results for you. We are not the “cheapest” solution, but you receive premium service for your investment in this partnership.

We believe in building relationships.

We cap our client to account manager ratio at 40:1, so that we can dedicate the time, resources, and energy you deserve to your projects and campaigns.

Our clients want to: 

One Firefly Delivers Results.

Our unmatched industry expertise, content specialization, and knowledge of the competitive landscape gives our clients the edge.


Leads generated for our clients


Responsive industry websites built


Integrators served with marketing services

< 1 hour

Clients spend interfacing with One Firefly monthly

“The marketing One Firefly is doing is generating substantial leads for us”

“So the marketing that One Firefly is doing for us is generating substantial leads for us. We get a monthly report that helps us understand who and what is coming through us. We're seeing a lot of leads come through, whether it's through services or multiple high-revenue projects.”
Steve Burke, CEO & Founder
Texadia Systems

All Your Marketing Needs, Under One Roof

We are a full-service agency for websites, digital marketing, and branding services, all under one roof. Our services are built on a foundation of industry expertise, focused on the AV, security, and integration professionals.

The One Firefly approach is to utilize the building blocks of effective integrated marketing strategies comprised of the best and most effective techniques to achieve your growth goals. Under the roof of a dedicated account manager, you have one person managing our team to ensure your campaigns are optimized for peak performance.

Our People Make The Difference

We’ve built a robust team of subject matter experts spanning the full spectrum of marketing specializations.

When you partner with One Firefly, you’ll gain access to the breadth and depth of knowledge and skill sets within our team.


Our industry-trained writers draft blogs, emails, and other content tailored to reach and engage your target audience.

Web Designers

Our in-house web team works with you to design a website that looks beautiful and effectively communicates who you are and what you offer.

Brand Development

Our graphics team collaborates with you to create unique, memorable, and professional branding materials like business cards, logos, and vehicle wraps.

Paid Advertising Specialists

Our SEM specialists design, implement, and optimize paid advertising campaigns to help you effectively achieve your business growth goals.

Social Media Specialists

Our social media experts create and publish posts with industry-specific content and curated imagery to engage your followers and pique the interest of prospects.

Account Managers

Our dedicated account managers coordinate your campaigns and recommend strategies to optimize performance.

“One Firefly is forward thinking and pushing the envelope”

“I love One Firefly because you are the best marketing online web presence. You are forward thinking and always looking at the next trends and what is coming out next. Like what we do in our business, you’re always going to conferences trying to figure out what the next thing is. I like it because, like us, you are pushing the envelope.”
Lee Travis, Founder & Owner
Wipliance and Obot Electric

“We Focus On Your Marketing, So You Can Focus On Your Business”

Ron Callis, CEO & Founder, One Firefly
Running a small business is hard. Building your brand and messaging consistently to your market is even harder, but necessary. We know that we could help. Click here to learn about our approach.

Growth is an adventure. Let us be your guide.

Are you ready to connect and talk about where your business is now, where you want it to be, and how we can help get you there? Reach out today to get things started!