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Learn something new in five minutes or less. Check out our free marketing education videos for technology professionals. We’ve leveled up our video production since these were produced, but good marketing advice never goes out of style!
Learn something new in five minutes or less. Check out our free marketing education videos for technology professionals. We’ve leveled up our video production since these were produced, but good marketing advice never goes out of style!

SEO Education Series - Video #2: Online Search: The New Normal

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand how the landscape of page 1 search results have changed over the last year.
  • Define “zero-click search” and explore examples of zero-click search results.
  • Learn what you need to work on online to show up in zero-click search results.
  • Experiment with zero-click search results — does your business show up in zero-click results when you search for the queries your customers are asking?

SEO Education Series - Video #1: The Digital Landscape Has Forever Changed

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the big picture of how AI is impacting SEO and online search.
  • Explore why your online presence still matters, and who is looking at you online.
  • Learn what criteria matters to Google now: Demonstrating EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trust) in all your online content.
  • Experiment with generative search through your personal Google account

Topic #16: Integrator Marketing Must-Haves Part 2

Learning Objectives:
  • Ensure your business is registered and has a Google business listing
  • Have professional, attractive presentation folders
  • Make sure all of your documentation (including quotes, invoices, schematics) are professionally branded
  • Have all of your staff wearing uniforms/branded clothing
  • Have a brochure or professional piece of literature to leave prospects
  • Select a topic above and take action

Topic #15: Integrator Marketing Must-Haves Part 1

Learning Objectives:
  • Utilize marketing to “share your passion”
  • You need to have a logo
  • Ensure you have a beautiful website
  • Have professional business cards readily available
  • Vehicle wraps can be an excellent way to brand your company
  • Make sure your email address domain matches your website
  • Select one of the topics above and define steps to improve

Topic #14: Integrator Branding 101

Learning Objectives:
  • You should love your logo and be proud to show it to the world
  • Learn about the 3 types of logos (Font-Based, Logos that illustrate focus, Abstract)
  • Know the importance of your brand and why it matters
  • Don’t use clip art
  • Know what types of file formats you should have
  • Determine if your logo accurately represents who you are today

Topic #13: Social Media 201 for Integrators

Learning Objectives:
  • LinkedIn is a great place to target architects, designers, and builders
  • Focus on publishing relevant content (case studies, industry articles etc) vs “selling”
  • Consider advertising on LinkedIn
  • Publish photos and video on Instagram (focus on publishing content from completed projects)
  • Be sure and utilize hashtags on Instagram
  • Develop your strategy for LinkedIn

Topic #12: Social Media 101 for Integrators

Learning Objectives:
  • Be great at Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram first
  • Secondary priorities can be Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest
  •  Regularly update your Facebook page
  •  Implement advertising on Facebook
  •  Learn about audience targeting
  • Define 3 activities that will improve your effectiveness on Facebook

Topic #11: 5 Website Must-Haves: Part 4 (#16 - #20)

Learning Objectives:
  • Enable live chat on your website
  • Ensure you have an SSL certificate
  • Use an open source CMS
  • Update your CMS
  • Make sure your site has an XML sitemap
  • Determine if your website was built on a CMS and when it was last patched

Topic #10: 5 Website Must-Haves: Part 3 (#11 - #15)

Learning Objectives:
  • Showcase your credentials
  • Embed positive reviews on your website
  • Publish client testimonials
  • Feature your showroom (if you have one)
  • Have a blog that features great content
  • Type your company name into Google and see what reviews show up

Topic #9: 5 Website Must-Haves: Part 2 (#6 - #10)

Learning Objectives:
  • Ensure your website makes it easy for visitors to contact you
  • Have custom imagery on your website
  • Put up an image gallery to organize your imagery in an attractive way
  • Dedicate a page as a ‘Project Gallery’
  • Have videos & video galleries on your site
  • Photograph every major project you work on

Topic #8: 5 Website Must-Haves: Part 1 (#1 - #5)

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn what makes a website mobile-responsive
  • Know the basics of delivering a great first impression
  • Ensure your local address is included in the header of the site
  • Know the importance of social media
  • Validate the footer information included on your website
  • Download ’30 Website Must-Haves’ checklist below...

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Topic #7: SEO Performance Metrics

Learning Objectives:
  • Ensure you have Google Analytics loaded on your website
  • Look at the number of organic sessions your website has month over month
  • Check out your average session duration & bounce rate
  • Download Google Analytics for your mobile phone

Topic #6: How to Develop SEO Phrases

Learning Objectives:
  • Know what digital real estate you own
  • Determine how you want to grow
  • Learn about long-tail keyphrases (including topic + geo-tag)
  • Research on
  • Create your list of topics and geo-tags and combine to create your SEO target phrases

Topic #5: The top 3 SEO Ranking Factors

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn the Top 3 Rankings Factors and what influences them
  • Define how you want to show up in search
  • Know how to measure your current SEO performance
  • Start tracking your SEO target phrases

Topic #4: Google Algorithm Updates

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand how and why Google’s search algorithm changes
  • Learn how you can stay relevant in Google search
  • “White Hat” SEO vs. “Black Hat” SEO
  • Audit your activity and updates made to your website in the last 2 years

Topic #3: SEO vs SEM for Integrators

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the difference between SEO & SEM
  • Learn which strategy is best for your business
  • Know the benefits of each strategy
  • Type in a search query and identify organic results vs. paid ads

Topic #2: SEO Defined

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand what SEO is
  • Know which factors influence SEO performance
  • Learn about the 3 types of search queries
  • Define ways you want to be found online. Go to Google & start searching! 

Topic #1: Online Presence

Learning Objectives:
  • Know your customer’s online journey
  • Understand the various touchpoints a referral may have when searching for your company
  • Take inventory of your current online presence