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From 27 Websites to 1:

Crown Audio Video Targets the Right Customers with SEO-Optimized Website

SEO strategies are constantly evolving, and the wrong strategy can go a long way toward hurting your business. Texas-based integration firm Crown Audio Video found that out the hard way in 2015, when they started an SEO effort that left them with 27 different websites. Seeking a marketing change that would result in quality traffic, stronger branding, and higher-value leads, Crown Audio Video turned to One Firefly.
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About Crown Audio Video

Crown Audio Video is a leader in the field of corporate and home audiovisual solutions and serves the greater Dallas, Texas area. Crown Audio Video has worked with many large corporations including, Coca-Cola, Ebby Halliday, First Global, General Electric, GMC, Mercedes Benz, and the Texas Rangers.

Their professional team of audiovisual and integration experts has over 70 years of combined experience in the smart technology field. They specialize in custom audio video installations from media room design with top-of-the-line video conferencing to high-end home theater systems.

“The phone was ringing, but it was ringing with the wrong kind of customer,” said Buddy Hughes, President of Crown Audio Video. “All the traffic was very poor quality, and it was hurting our business. Instead of $100K projects, we were getting less than $1K projects.”


Before working with One Firefly, the integrator had spent upwards of $30,000 in online marketing over 12 months, following a tactic of purchasing website domains such as “” or “”

The goal was to increase the likelihood of people finding each website on Google initially, and it did actually increase visits to the site. However, since each website had an outdated, unimpressive design and very little relevant content, the visitors would immediately leave. This in turn harmed each website’s domain authority, a search engine ranking signal based on the age, size, and popularity of websites.

The websites’ messaging and branding did not resonate with their target customer base. As a result, they weren’t receiving any quality leads.

The Solution

Buddy met with Ron, One Firefly's CEO, who walked him through the different options for improving their online presence.

One Firefly’s marketing solution for Crown Audio Video was designed around three main goals:

  1. Consolidate the initial SEO value from Crown Audio Video’s 27 websites into one well-designed website.
  2. Increase the quality of website traffic by focusing on messaging that appealed to the right clientele.
  3. Engage those prospects once they reached the website by providing informative, useful, and interactive content.

To achieve those goals, One Firefly implemented a strategic mix of marketing solutions: a new website hosted by One Firefly, search engine optimization and custom copywriting for the website, content marketing services that included monthly blog posts and a newsletter, printed marketing collateral, and Lead Concierge—a fully manned live-chat service.

Together, this marketing effort worked to bring prospective clients to the website, effectively engage them, and guide them through the lead capturing process.

“Ron was able to break down the exact issues with our marketing efforts and explain how to fix it,” said Buddy. “One Firefly showed us the value of having a website that was impressive and informative for our company’s ideal audience. It helped us to see the big picture beyond simply showing up on Google.”

Custom Website

The first step in improving Crown Audio Video’s online presence was to replace the 27 low-quality websites with one user-friendly, and mobile-responsive site. The One Firefly team and Crown Audio Video had an initial discovery process to develop a clear plan for achieving the right look and messaging to accurately position the company as a high-end, professional integrator.

After designing the website, the next step was to ensure that the content on the website was high-quality and clearly reflected the solutions that Crown Audio Video had to offer. One Firefly’s content team developed custom copy for the website that was strategically and naturally infused with SEO keyphrases to improve the company’s search engine rankings.

Visitor Engagement

The website also features several interactive elements that encourage visitors to engage with the content. The Smart Layouts page offers an interactive floorplan where prospective clients can see how smart home technology fits into each area of a typical property.

In addition to lead capture forms and calls-to-action throughout the website, each page has a live chat window that allows visitors to immediately speak with a customer service representative. Fully manned by One Firefly industry experts, the Lead Concierge service offers a way for prospective clients and customers alike to immediately receive answers to questions or submit a service request.

Content Marketing Services

Crown Audio Video also opted for content marketing services that include four blogs and an email newsletter each month. Content marketing offers several key benefits: First, it improves the quality of traffic on the website. Second, it improves Google search results for a wide variety of keyphrases. Third, it offers website visitors fresh and compelling content. And finally, it helps to position Crown Audio Video as an industry expert and thought leader.

Printed Marketing Collateral

To keep consistent branding and continue to provide their clients with a high-quality experience after the initial website visit, Crown Audio Video also invested in printed marketing materials to use throughout the sales and support process. They start every sale with a professionally designed trifold brochure that highlights their services and solutions, and every bid is delivered in a branded presentation folder.

The Results

Crown Audio Video not only was able to maintain their initial keyphrase rankings, but also collectively moved up in Google rankings by 3,027 positions. Within two months of the new website’s debut, their site traffic increased by more than 300 percent. The number of keyphrases ranking in the top 1 to 3 positions in Google, the prime real-estate for search engine results, went from 14 to 49 keyphrases. Their traffic bounce rate is now 27 percent lower than it was before the One Firefly marketing campaign, a clear sign that people are staying and engaging on the website.

More importantly, Crown Audio Video’s website now results in more high-value leads. Between the website’s lead capture forms and the live chat service, the integrator has received more than 350 contact requests thus far, many of which lead to repeat customers.

And instead of managing 27 websites, Crown Audio Video is enjoying the collaborative approach that One Firefly offers.

“To have someone in-house do what One Firefly is doing, it would cost me a $60,000 a year salary, and I would still have to manage everything,” said Buddy. “With One Firefly, my role is simply approving their marketing efforts. Definitely easier and far more cost-effective.”