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UI University

Video Library Content of Your Favorite Manufactures Filmed in 4K Designed to Entertain, Educate and Improve Customer Service

UI University, makes it easy for technology contractors to educate both prospects and clients using rich HD videos that depict how to operate the various aspects of an iPad-controlled system.

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Top Reasons Dealers Love UI University

UI University will fundamentally change how the custom integration industry supports and educates the end-users of the technology that we know and love. Here are some top reasons dealers say they love UI University videos.

number bullet 01   Improve Customer Experience
number bullet 02   Save Labor Costs
number bullet 03   Increase Sales


"Any tool that helps CEDIA members deliver exceptional experiences to their end-user clients while also saving time and money is a win in this industry.”

Vin Bruno   |   CEO, CEDIA

"No Brainer ... Use Instructional UI Videos to Educate Clients, Reduce Service Calls"

Jason Knott   |   Vice President, Consumer Electronics & Security at EH Publishing

“Where technology and thoughtfulness met, that’s where you will find the new UI University libraries. The self-sufficient clients will love it and the busy installation companies have a great fallback position. Ron has done it again. There is only one One Firefly!”

Richard Glikes   |   President and Founder, Azione Unlimited
- Chester Springs, PA -

"UiU is both a comprehensive educational tool and a breakthrough marketing product.  We could not be happier with this OneFirefly offering!”

Tom Miller   |   CEO, Totally Wired
- Westlake Village, CA -

The library videos cover subjects relevant to that brand including commonly performed commands and tips and tricks.

For each video, the integrator’s logo is prominently featured in the opening and closing sequences, while a watermark of that same logo is displayed throughout the duration of the video, creating a fantastic branding opportunity.

Each library is comprised of 20-30 videos that can be embedded on the integrator’s website and distributed via their content marketing.

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    Media Gallery

    Your Media Gallery webpage is an immersive video gallery designed to showcase your custom branded UI University video content. Beautifully polished and SEO-configured, each media gallery page can store up to 200 videos and can be viewed on any device (including iOS and Android) thanks to a responsive design.”


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