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Topic #16: Integrator Marketing Must-Haves Part 2

Learning Objectives:
  • Ensure your business is registered and has a Google business listing
  • Have professional, attractive presentation folders
  • Make sure all of your documentation (including quotes, invoices, schematics) are professionally branded
  • Have all of your staff wearing uniforms/branded clothing
  • Have a brochure or professional piece of literature to leave prospects
  • Select a topic above and take action

Topic #15: Integrator Marketing Must-Haves Part 1

Learning Objectives:
  • Utilize marketing to “share your passion”
  • You need to have a logo
  • Ensure you have a beautiful website
  • Have professional business cards readily available
  • Vehicle wraps can be an excellent way to brand your company
  • Make sure your email address domain matches your website
  • Select one of the topics above and define steps to improve

Topic #14: Integrator Branding 101

Learning Objectives:
  • You should love your logo and be proud to show it to the world
  • Learn about the 3 types of logos (Font-Based, Logos that illustrate focus, Abstract)
  • Know the importance of your brand and why it matters
  • Don’t use clip art
  • Know what types of file formats you should have
  • Determine if your logo accurately represents who you are today

Topic #13: Social Media 201 for Integrators

Learning Objectives:
  • LinkedIn is a great place to target architects, designers, and builders
  • Focus on publishing relevant content (case studies, industry articles etc) vs “selling”
  • Consider advertising on LinkedIn
  • Publish photos and video on Instagram (focus on publishing content from completed projects)
  • Be sure and utilize hashtags on Instagram
  • Develop your strategy for LinkedIn

Topic #12: Social Media 101 for Integrators

Learning Objectives:
  • Be great at Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram first
  • Secondary priorities can be Twitter, Youtube and
  •  Pinterest
  •  Regularly update your Facebook page
  •  Implement advertising on Facebook
  •  Learn about audience targeting
  • Define 3 activities that will improve your effectiveness on Facebook

Topic #11: 5 Website Must-Haves: Part 4 (#16 - #20)

Learning Objectives:
  • Enable live chat on your website
  • Ensure you have an SSL certificate
  • Use an open source CMS
  • Update your CMS
  • Make sure your site has an XML sitemap
  • Determine if your website was built on a CMS and when it was last patched

Topic #10: 5 Website Must-Haves: Part 3 (#11 - #15)

Learning Objectives:
  • Showcase your credentials
  • Embed positive reviews on your website
  • Publish client testimonials
  • Feature your showroom (if you have one)
  • Have a blog that features great content
  • Type your company name into Google and see what reviews show up

Topic #9: 5 Website Must-Haves: Part 2 (#6 - #10)

Learning Objectives:
  • Ensure your website makes it easy for visitors to contact you
  • Have custom imagery on your website
  • Put up an image gallery to organize your imagery in an attractive way
  • Dedicate a page as a ‘Project Gallery’
  • Have videos & video galleries on your site
  • Photograph every major project you work on

Topic #8: 5 Website Must-Haves: Part 1 (#1 - #5)

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn what makes a website mobile-responsive
  • Know the basics of delivering a great first impression
  • Ensure your local address is included in the header of the site
  • Know the importance of social media
  • Validate the footer information included on your website
  • Download ’30 Website Must-Haves’ checklist below...

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Topic #7: SEO Performance Metrics

Learning Objectives:
  • Ensure you have Google Analytics loaded on your website
  • Look at the number of organic sessions your website has month over month
  • Check out your average session duration & bounce rate
  • Download Google Analytics for your mobile phone

Topic #6: How to Develop SEO Phrases

Learning Objectives:
  • Know what digital real estate you own
  • Determine how you want to grow
  • Learn about long-tail keyphrases (including topic + geo-tag)
  • Research on trends.google.com
  • Create your list of topics and geo-tags and combine to create your SEO target phrases

Topic #5: The top 3 SEO Ranking Factors

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn the Top 3 Rankings Factors and what influences them
  • Define how you want to show up in search
  • Know how to measure your current SEO performance
  • Start tracking your SEO target phrases

Topic #4: Google Algorithm Updates

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand how and why Google’s search algorithm changes
  • Learn how you can stay relevant in Google search
  • “White Hat” SEO vs. “Black Hat” SEO
  • Audit your activity and updates made to your website in the last 2 years

Topic #3: SEO vs SEM for Integrators

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the difference between SEO & SEM
  • Learn which strategy is best for your business
  • Know the benefits of each strategy
  • Type in a search query and identify organic results vs. paid ads

Topic #2: SEO Defined

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand what SEO is
  • Know which factors influence SEO performance
  • Learn about the 3 types of search queries
  • Define ways you want to be found online. Go to Google & start searching! 

Topic #1: Online Presence

Learning Objectives:
  • Know your customer’s online journey
  • Understand the various touchpoints a referral may have when searching for your company
  • Take inventory of your current online presence



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