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Automation Unplugged

If you’ve visited our Facebook page recently, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve started hosting Facebook Live interviews on a regular basis! These interviews are designed to help our clients and members of the custom integration industry keep up-to-date with the latest trends and news as well as learn from experts in the field.

Watch Episode #53: An Industry Q&A with Joseph Piccirilli

Educating the Marketplace on the Benefits of Clean Power

Watch Episode #53: An Industry Q&A with Joseph Piccirilli

This week's show features our host Ron Callis interviewing Joseph Piccirilli. Recorded Live on Wednesday September 12th, 2018 at 12:30pm EST.

About Joseph Piccirilli

Joseph Piccirilli is an accomplished consultant, strategist and speaker with a 40-year career that spans the consumer electronics, systems integration and energy industries. In his current capacity at RoseWater Energy Group, he oversees the manufacturing, sales and distribution of leading new technology for residential power storage and handling efforts. Piccirilli was one of the founders of Sound Advice, a publically held upscale consumer electronics retail company. Piccirilli then began to study the causes and effects of the deteriorating power quality in North America. In particular, the damage poor power quality causes in automated residences. That study lead him to develop the Rosewater Energy HUB.


Interview Recap

Here are some of the topics Ron had the opportunity to discuss with Joseph:

  • Joe's background in the industry
  • Joe's experience at CEDIA 2018
  • The importance of quality power for connected homes
  • Rosewater Energy's HUB product


To watch the interview, start the video below:


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