Here’s How Video Helps Boost Your Website’s Visibility

Climb Up the Search Ladder with Embedded Video Content

The internet is an incredibly noisy place with countless websites just like yours trying to compete for the top spot on Google and other search engines. You’ve probably heard that search engine optimization (or SEO) plays a big role in getting your website to Page 1 in search.

But did you know that adding video content to your website can drastically improve those efforts and help skyrocket your site’s visibility? That’s right! The simple step of adding video to your website can do wonders for your SEO efforts, and here’s how.

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Engaging Video Keeps Viewers on Your Site Longer

If you’ve published engaging video content on one or more of your webpages and someone chooses to watch it, you’ve just doubled the amount of time people will spend on your page versus on a page with no video. The amount of time a viewer spends on a webpage is an important indicator of the quality of that page, which search engines crawl for to help determine a page’s ranking in searches.

Quality Video Increases Your Authority on Search Engines

When a search engine is crawling your site, it’s looking for several indicators like page quality, keyword phrases, and relevance. But it’s also looking for a variety of media, such as text, images, and video. The more variety your site has and the longer someone stays on your website, the higher authority your site will have on that search engine.

And if your videos educate and provide useful information to your viewers, you’ve increased your chance of converting that viewer into a customer. Search engines will see that your videos are high in quality and value, which will help boost your website even more.  

Shareable Video Means More Backlinks

Wait, what’s a backlink? It’s just a simple term to mean a link that takes someone to your website. Let’s say your video content is shared by someone on social media. When another person sees that social media post and clicks on the video to view, they’re taken directly to your site. Backlinks help drive traffic to your site, and engaging videos are likely to keep them there. It’s a win-win!

If you’re a custom integrator in need of boosting your presence online but don’t know where to start, One Firefly can help you every step of the way. We offer a wide variety of educational video galleries called UI University that can be easily embedded onto your site to elevate your brand and increase your visibility. To learn more, contact us or give us a call at (954) 477-8331. We’d love to hear from you.


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