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What to Know About Domain Authority 2.0

What the Change Means and Why it Matters to Your Business

Moz has just announced that they will be making a big change to their Domain Authority ranking system in the next few weeks. In this blog, we’ll dive in to see what exactly this means for your website.


What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a score ranging from 1-100 that helps predict how well a website will rank in search engine results. The higher the score, the greater the ability that website has to rank relative to its competition. For years, SEO professionals have been using Domain Authority as an indicator of a site’s organic success (or failure).

There are many factors that go into the algorithm that determines how DA is calculated including linking, site performance, and more. However, this algorithm hasn’t had a major upgrade in years, making now a perfect time to roll out Domain Authority 2.0.


What’s New With Domain Authority 2.0?

On March 5, 2019, Moz will launch their Domain Authority 2.0 model. In addition to the factors that Domain Authority considered in the past, the new algorithm will also take into account new things such as spam score, link quality information, and it will constantly be updating to respond to Google’s algorithm changes. Additionally, the model will constantly be working to learn more about your site making the metric better, more accurate, and more trustworthy in regards to your domain strength. This will help your search engine marketers make better-informed decisions for your marketing efforts moving forward.


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Your Domain Authority May Change

As with any algorithm change, you may experience fluctuations in your historical and current DA data. Domain Authority is a relative metric, so it doesn’t matter as much whether your site increases or decreases--it matters more whether your site increases or decreases relative to your competitors. When Domain Authority 2.0 launches, be sure to check your competitor’s scores along with your own. You’ll more than likely find that they fluctuate in a similar direction. As mentioned before, these changes are good, because the data will be more accurate of your site’s true domain strength.


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If you have any further questions regarding domain authority or you are simply looking to better improve your site’s ranking ability in search engines, feel free to call us at 954-477-8331 or chat with us below!



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Author:  Alex Campbell

Title:  Content Writer

As a Content Marketing Specialist, Alex is responsible for the management and execution of client’s integrated digital marketing campaigns. Responsibilities include overseeing the in-house staff production of engaging web content in the form of blogs, press releases, newsletters, case studies, social media content, and advertising campaigns. Alex works closely with staff to create best possible campaign performance outcomes, and ultimately help our customers in the technology sector improve their return on investment and grow their businesses. In his free time, you can catch Alex hitting up gyms and boxing studios in Philadelphia. Alex also enjoys all things music-related, checking out the Philly food scene, and hanging out with his cat, Sansom..



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