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How a Content Marketing Strategy Helps Technology Integrators Reach More Potential Customers

Showing Up On Page One Of Search Engine Results Is The New Downtown Storefront


Picture it: your business storefront situated in the middle of a bustling downtown under a sign proudly displaying your business name while some window decals highlight the services you have to offer.

Obviously, this is an ideal situation for most business owners because it means receiving lots of walk-ins who may not have even known they were interested in the services and products you have to offer until they start browsing and talking to your team members manning the store. Because your storefront is in the middle of downtown you’re much more likely to pick up potential customers you may not have reached if your storefront was farther outside of town where little foot traffic comes by.

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If you take this idea and apply it to digital marketing, you realize that being on page one of search engine results is essentially the same thing. When someone searches for “home theater systems installation in Austin, TX”, if you have a technology integrator company based out of Austin, TX then of course you want to show up in the first few results on page one when that person browses online.

So how does one end up in the first few results on page one for the services and products they offer? The solution is a content marketing strategy with targeted search engine optimization (SEO) components.

Why You Need a Content Marketing Strategy

The goal of digital marketing is to reach more potential customers online while proving your company has the experience, authority, and trustworthiness to make them want to use your services.

Some of the best ways for businesses in the technology integration industry to market their content are:

  • Publishing regular SEO-rich blog content to your website educating your current and potential customers
  • Sending out newsletters showcasing those blog posts and the latest and greatest services or products your business has to offer to your contacts
  • Using finely tuned and targeted social media advertising to get your content in front of people who may have never heard of your company before

With these three strategies combined, the idea is to get your business listed on page one of search engines when people search for specific terms related to your business.
Again, the whole idea is like owning a storefront in the middle of a bustling downtown. When targeted keywords and SEO-rich copy are used in a multi-faceted content marketing strategy the results ideally give your business the best ROI.

When considering your allocation to your marketing budget, don’t forget to leave room for digital marketing – in particular, content marketing. As more people lean on the internet when researching businesses before making purchasing decisions, it’s best to make sure your company is producing relevant and educational content that draws those potential customers in and makes them want to trust your team with their residential or commercial projects.

Questions about the best approach is for your business’ marketing goals? Schedule a one-on-one consultation with our team by website or by phone. One Firefly is ready to help guide you get you through your marketing plans and help you get a content marketing strategy going with our CM2.0 services.


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Author:  Kaylin Gilkey

Title:  Content Marketing Specialist

About:  As a Content Marketing Specialist, Kaylin is responsible for the management and execution of client’s integrated digital marketing campaigns. Responsibilities include overseeing the in-house staff production of engaging web content in the form of blogs, press releases, newsletters, case studies, social media content, and advertising campaigns. Kaylin works closely with staff to create best possible campaign performance outcomes, and ultimately help our customers in the technology sector improve their return on investment and grow their businesses. Outside of the office Kaylin enjoys getting outdoors as much as possible, cooking at home, enjoying the countless restaurants in Austin, TX, and cheering on her alma mater - the Arkansas Razorbacks. ​


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