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How Manned Live Chat Can Help Your Business Generate More Leads

Learn How to Turn Prospects Into Leads with Manned Live Chat

Traditionally, when a client is interested in your service or product they pick up the phone and give your business a call. However, some clients quickly hang up if they are placed on hold, hear the voicemail greeting, or the business is closed. What happens to those prospects? In some instances, the individual can turn to your competitor and purchase a similar option. Fortunately, these situations can be significantly reduced with manned live chat on your website.

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What is Manned Live Chat?

Have you ever visited a website and seen a chat box pop up? It’s possible that you could have used that live chat function yourself to ask a question before purchasing an item or service. Live chat is an excellent tool that is used to communicate with clients in real time with a real person. Manned live chat services engage with the prospects on your website and capture valuable information in a personalized experience resulting in qualified leads.


The Benefits of Manned Live Chat

We live in an era where instant gratification, the desire to want things immediately, is continuously increasing with the advancement of technology. Luckily, live chat services can respond to the customers inquire within 60 seconds. In turn, your business will receive more leads simply due to a faster turnaround time.

Additionally, it increases the communication options between your business and your clients. It’s common that your customers or prospects work at the same hours your business is open. If they can’t pick up the phone at work, your company can offer another convenient channel of direct communication.

Manned live chat services are recognized to reduce expenses in your business by being able to assist several visitors simultaneously and improve sales and customer service. According to Kissmetrics, 38% of consumers have said that they have made their purchase due to the live chat session itself and 62% of consumers reported that they are more likely to purchase from that website again.


How One Firefly Can Help Your Business with Manned Live Chat

A growing business should use their staff wisely, and each team member should be assigned to the work they are best at doing. This is why our team at One Firefly has created a dedicated group of professionals that can help increase the leads in your business while your staff can continue working on their projects.

Our staffed live chat service, Lead Concierge, offers an unlimited number of chat engagements and an infinite number of leads. Our team is trained to capture useful information about the prospect and ask visitors qualifying questions.

Interested in knowing more about how Lead Concierge can be a game changer for your business? Here what Integrators are saying about Lead Concierge (our manned Live Chat service)...


"The volume of chats and leads coming from the new Lead Concierge service from One Firefly has blown my staff and I away. It takes our customer service and lead generation up a notch in a way that we never thought possible. Now, we can't imagine ever running our business without this live chat service. It gives our website visitors instant gratification of getting their questions answered in real time."
Dave Gilbert | CEO, Hi Fi Sales
- Cherry Hill, NY –




"OneFirefly has been instrumental in the growth and continued success of our company, Refined Systems, LLC. I was excited to be invited to beta test their new Lead Concierge server and blown away when we signed our first project for $55k from a lead generated from a chat on our website. All of us at Refined Systems are excited about our future with OneFirely and the innovative strategies they offer. Very highly recommend their service and partnership!"
Shawn Bookter | CEO, Refined Systems
- Spring, TX -


Want to learn how manned live chat can help your business? Contact us anytime or call 954.932.2393


team profile yesinia

Author:  Yesenia Illa

Title:  Client Support Associate

As Client Support Associate at One Firefly, Yesenia is responsible for helping with the Lead Concierge service. Along with interacting with clients, she assists with producing engaging web content in the form of social media and other administrative related duties. Yesenia graduated from Florida International University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is now pursuing a master’s in Social Work. When not typing away at her computer, Yesenia enjoys running around with her nephews, dancing salsa music, and finding new places to eat.




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