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Top 8 Reasons Dealers Love UI University

Explore How You Can Use UIU to Your Advantage

When you sell complex, intricate technology like smart home automation systems, there’s no denying that it can be a struggle to showcase the ease of operating the system or the full depth of its capabilities. That was the problem that led us to develop UI University - full libraries of branded, educational videos on specific smart home interfaces like Control4 and Savant.

Below, we break down the main ways that UIU can benefit your company. Read on to see if any of UIU’s advantages are worth exploring in your marketing, sales, and support process.

1. Improve Customer Experience

Customers can watch simple step-by-step instructions on how to use their control system. UIU serves as a reference tool for existing customers, and an interface tour for potential customers. This means that UIU functions as a productive tool for both potential and existing customers.

2. Save Labor Costs

Replace long phone conversations, consultations and home visits with UIU. Now customers can simply watch the educational videos on your website when they have questions. It’s both cost effective and time effective. Empower users to teach themselves while you save labor expenses.

3. Increase Sales

Use helpful tutorials to showcase your company as an empowering resource for education. These tutorials serve as a voice for your company and show your website visitors what you have to offer, potentially turning those visitors into customers.

4. Elevate and Brand Your Business

The scale and professionalism of the visual libraries will elevate company stature and leave a lasting impact on potential customers. This establishes your company as a trustworthy and reputable source that they will want to work with.

5. Educational Content is More Shareable

Users are more likely to share videos than other content. Your company will have 20-plus mobile friendly videos for users to share with others, resulting in more engagement. More engagement means a greater possibility of sales, and happier customers.

6. Increase Time Spent on Website

Time spent on your website is a strong indicator of customer conversion. Videos give visitors a reason to stay engaged and ultimately become customers.

7. UI Updates? No Problem.

As manufacturers update their user interfaces, we will create new training videos and add them to your website at no additional charge. We’ll take care of the updates so you can focus on the other important stuff.

8. Pain-free Experience

Add UIU to your website in only five minutes. This swift and simple process saves you time and energy so you can focus on other important aspects of running your business.

Adding Control4, Savant, ELAN, or other training videos to your website is a simple and affordable way to increase profits by elevating your brand and improving customer experience with shareable educational content. Learn how to get started with it here.


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Author:  Ron Callis

Title:  CEO

About:  Ron Callis, Jr., the founder of One Firefly, is an engineer with tremendous people skills, unbridled energy, and a passion for excellence.  With a Mechanical Engineering degree from Virginia Tech under his hood and successful sales career tracks at two innovative, leading technology manufacturers, Lutron and Crestron, the spark was ignited for Ron to build and drive his own high performance business.  After helping hundreds of technology service professionals expand their companies with smart home technology, the wheels began turning for Ron to leverage his engineering know-how, assertive sales ingenuity, and industry experience.  In 2007 he founded Firefly Design Group (now One Firefly) which has become the leading marketing firm specializing within the integrated technology and security space.




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