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Catch up on the latest industry marketing news, dive deeper into marketing strategies and best practices, and get our best digital marketing insights below. We post often, so come back regularly to continue learning!

Get the latest marketing news

Catch up on the latest industry marketing news, dive deeper into marketing strategies and best practices, and get our best digital marketing insights below. We post often, so come back regularly to continue learning!

Blogging: Why It’s Important & Helps Businesses Stay Relevant

Blogging: Why It’s Important & Helps Businesses Stay Relevant

Do Businesses Really Need Blogging? Yes, Yes They Do!

What do a toothpaste brand, a furniture company, and a farm equipment manufacturer have in common? They all have a blog on their website! And if you own a business, you should start a blog, too. 
But “Why?” you might ask. Why do Crest toothpasteIKEA, and John Deere write a blog? Does anyone actually read it, and does it do any good for marketing? 

The answer to all those questions is a resounding “Yes.” 6.9 billion searches are sent to Google every day, and 70,000 searches every second. Every month, 135,000 people search, “Why is the sky blue?” and 49,500 people ask, “Why do cats purr?” Imagine how many people must be searching about home or commercial technology in your area. When they hit ‘Enter,’ does your website show up? 

That’s what blogging is all about. It connects your company to an audience that’s already looking for information and, ultimately, your services. Below, we’ll dive into why blogging matters and how it can help your AV and custom integration business thrive.

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Blogging & The Power of SEO 

Whether we like it or not, the days of print advertising are far behind us. Today, the internet is where people will discover your business. But if you’re not ranking at the top of Google, it’s unlikely anyone can easily find your site.  

Each year, Google makes up to 500 to 600 changes to its algorithm, influencing what websites are positioned on the first page. If someone searches “smart lighting” in your area, will your company’s website be one of the first results?

SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization,” is the process of improving the quality and quantity of your website traffic. There are tried-and-true tactics you can use, like blogging, that will boost your website’s SEO to be found more often online. 

Fresh Content 

When you’re regularly updating a blog, it can make a massive difference on search engine performance. That’s because Google doesn’t like to recommend outdated, dusty websites to searchers. 

If you’ve ever visited a website that looked like it hadn’t been touched in years, you may have wondered if they were still in business, and subconsciously decided not to trust them. Google doesn’t like to share outdated information, so it won’t. But if you’re frequently updating a blog, it tells Google that your website is alive and fresh, and Google will index your web pages more often.  

Relevant, Useful Information 

Google isn’t easily tricked. If you’re writing unhelpful or uninteresting copy on your blog, it will know that people aren’t clicking on it and—just as importantly—aren’t staying to read more. Google knows if someone clicks on a link and leaves right away. That’s why it’s so beneficial to write meaningful and captivating blog posts that help your reader.

It’s difficult to land the top spot for very popular key phrases like “smart home.” But with a relevant and well-written blog, your website could reach the top results for a specific search term like “smart home design in Boston, MA.” 

Internal & External Linking 

Linking also tremendously improves SEO. Every time you link to a page on your site, the text tells Google what the page is about, strengthening the connection to target keywords like “home automation system” or “conference room AV.” 

External links happen when someone else links to your website. It’s harder to achieve external links, but if you offer valuable information on your blog, someone may link to it on their website. This tells Google that your site is trustworthy and authoritative and will rank your site higher. 

Educate & Help Your Audience

There’s a lot to learn about the AV and automation industry (which our marketing company specializes in). Your potential clients, whether they’re homeowners, business owners, architects, or builders, might not know much about voice control or motorized shades. They may not be familiar with names like Control4, Crestron, Savant, or Elan. Your blog is an excellent opportunity to educate readers about the industry and even inspire ideas for their project. 

If someone is scouring the internet to learn how automation works, your blog articles can be the source of valuable information they’re looking for. We’ve all headed to Google with random life questions. What if your blog directs readers not only to the answer—but also to your company’s services? 

Supplement Email Newsletters & Social Media 

Email newsletters and social media are other helpful forms of marketing. But you don’t want people to glimpse at your posts and carry on with their day—you want them to click on it! But if there’s nothing new to share on your website, what news will you send out to the world? 

With a regularly updated blog, you can share your latest articles and direct readers to learn more by clicking the link. You’ll get the word out about your blog and share exciting new content for other marketing channels. 

There’s Just One Problem…No Time to Write Blogs? 

We get it. You’re managing a business. And after that, you have a life with family and friends to see. Who has the time to write a blog post every week? 

If there’s a marketer on your team, make sure blogging is part of their current strategy. But if you don’t have an internal marketing expert, One Firefly is an award-winning marketing agency that specializes in custom integration in the commercial and residential markets. Our internal team of writers is knowledgeable about networking, AV, security, and smart home control, and can write custom copy for your website. 

Interested to learn more? Contact One Firefly to set up a consultation today. Look at that! We used our blog to make a connection. Soon, your business will too. 

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