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Why an Open Source CMS Reigns Supreme

When it comes to the latest trends in web development, content is king. Engaging, quality content on a well-designed website drives traffic and brings users back time and time again. However, business owners often struggle with many aspects of web development from design, to cost and upkeep. So why do organizations like eBay, Harvard University, Time and BBC News believe in the practice of using an Open Source Content Management System as a platform for their website?

1. Larger Developer Community

The term “Open Source” refers to software in which all source code is made public for distribution, alterations and improvement. With the popularity of Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal, you can expect a vast knowledgebase of How-To’s, troubleshooting and support forums for any problems that may arise during development.

2. Easy Editing Capabilities

Tired of calling a developer anytime you want to make a simple copy change to your site? With an Open Source CMS, post-launch maintenance is remarkably user-friendly and efficient. With various user access levels, an easy to understand GUI, and no coding experience needed, changing copy (among other tasks) can be completed in-house in minutes.

3. Low Upfront Costs

Whether you decide to go with One Firefly’s award-winning Mercury Collection websites or purchase your own template to build from, getting a website up and running using a CMS platform is relatively inexpensive and quick. With no monthly software licensing fees, you only pay for what you need.

4. Responsive Ready

Nicknamed “Mobilegeddon”, on April 21st, 2015, Google released a significant change to their page ranking algorithm which penalized mobile rankings for sites which did not have a responsive website. (Check if your website is mobile friendly here.) Through the use of an Open Source CMS and the vast number of accessible mobile responsive templates and frameworks, implementing a responsive design becomes a much less daunting task.

5. Webmaster Flexibility

In contrast to a proprietary CMS platform, with an Open Source CMS, you can take your website with you. Whether you maintain your relationship with your current webmaster, hire a new one, or do the upkeep yourself, you have full ownership and control of your website.

6. Easy Integration

One of the most powerful benefits of an Open Source CMS is compatibility with other software. CMS developers have made it incredibly easy to integrate with some of the most popular platforms on the market today. Widely available plugins, widgets, and extensions, can be installed with just a click. Your website can quickly be configured to collect payments, sync with social media accounts and publish forms. The possibilities to enhance your online presence using a CMS are virtually endless.

To learn more about Joomla, One Firefly’s Open Source CMS of choice or to see any of the award winning products in our Mercury Collection, click here!


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Author: Kendall Clark

Title: Web Team Manager

About: As Manager of the Web Department, Kendall is responsible for the general management of the web team, providing leadership focus and guiding priorities for the department, while also providing web related technical support to our other departments. Management responsibilities include, but not limited to, training of staff, enforcing of SOPs, and helping to ensure web department production remains efficient. Kendall also plays a critical role in maintaining and enhancing our web related services. Outside of her role at One Firefly, Kendall enjoys running half marathons and spending time with her dog, Cooper.


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