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Website Optimization Essentials: 5 Must-haves

Let an Experienced Agency Explain how to Optimize your Website


We live in an era where potential clients look for instant satisfaction; we want it all, fast and easy. Therefore, optimizing your website to appear within the first results of any given search engine and making it a user-enjoyable experience is fundamental to generate more business for your company.

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Here are our 5 Optimization Essentials to give your Website the boost it needs:


1) Stay Relevant

Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) strive to offer the most relevant results to their users, no matter the complexity of their search words, from simple queries such as “Best home theater” to some complicated ones like “what is the best smart home integrator in my area?” There are certain factors that can and will influence these results and the following items in this list will help you achieve relevancy.


2) “Evergreen” Content

One of the most important elements to stay relevant and atop Search Engines’ results is to publish quality content that stays in the interest of both potential and current clients. Helpful articles, videos and other types of media created for actual human beings and not merely for an algorithm. Quality aside, you need to make sure your content does not come with a due date, and it’s always relevant for your intended market.


3) Compatibility Across Devices

In this age of technology potential clients have more than one way to search for what they want. Statistics show that over a 30% of people browsing the internet do it from their phones and over 190 million users accessed a search engine on their mobiles just in 2017. So, you need to make sure your website provides an enjoyable-user-friendly experience, no matter the platform they are using to browse it. Whether they reach your page through their computers, smartphones or tablets; your home page is the face of your business!


4) User Experience

The benefits that come with providing your potential clients with a great browsing experience are many. Your website must be designed for easy navigation, with relevant internal links and quality/related content as to achieve more traffic for your business. When you add great design and content to a very searchable website, your chances for growth become endless as the user won’t just look your homepage and leave to search for another option. The more they stay on your website, the more they know about your services and expertise.


5) SEO

Finally, Search Engine Optimization. What is SEO? You may be asking now, well, it’s quite simple. It’s an array of methods you can use to ensure your website and its content are visible on Search Engines results pages. Rich architecture and easy internal navigation are the very foundation of these practices and just the head of the spear when it comes to setting up your website for success. One of the greatest benefits of a well-constructed page is that traffic may flow “organically” to it, as in “without the need of paying for ads in social media and other sources.”


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