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How to Create Content Customers Crave

As 2019 is quickly approaching, you as a business owner need to know what your customers want in the new year. There are a million trendy ways you can go about marketing your company, but at One Firefly we like to use tried and true methods of improving your online presence to figure out what makes your audience tick.

We know from experience that the easiest and most effective route is to learn what issues your customers face on a daily basis and address those problems with your content. As Steve Jobs said, “Customers don't know what they want until you show it to them.” Ultimately, it’s up to you to prove that you are an industry leader with the valuable information you provide.

Want to learn more about how to create content that will keep your customers coming back to your website? Read on to learn more.


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If it Matters to Them, it Matters to You

When you begin to create content, you need to first understand your customer. What do they do for a living? Do they have kids? Where do they vacation? Creating a marketing persona will guide you to targeted, interesting content.

Next, think about the pain points this person faces on a day-to-day basis. By expressing that you understand their problems and challenges, you can create content that is specifically designed for your audience.


Listen and Research

According to a survey from Cint, customers are 62% more likely to buy from a company that asks their opinions. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers what they want to see; is it photos of your latest project? Maybe a team event that went really well? Would home automation tricks and tips work?

Even though it may seem counterintuitive (shouldn’t I just know what my customers want?), asking what your audience wants to see in from your digital marketing will engage them with your business and give you a jumping off point for your future content.

Don’t just assume that you know what your audience wants to see. By asking them what they want to see and then delivering on those gathered opinions, you will build trust with your future clients and stand out online through relevant, timely content.


Measure It

It is so important to analyze what you’ve shared to gain a better understanding of the type of content that gets the most engagement. Once you’ve gathered your research, taken the time to understand your customers, and created your content marketing strategy, you will find it easier to understand all of your data.

Make sure that you set out measurable KPI’s that are specifically important for you before you start your content marketing strategy to see how you are improving month over month.


There are so many different avenues you can take to craft awesome content, but if this all sounds like a bit too much, our team of dedicated content marketers can guide you to the best strategy for improving your digital marketing presence. One Firefly has extensive experience with CM 2.0 Content Marketing and blogging, creating custom copy, and strategizing based on your audience's preferences. We are all ready to help you grow your business in the new year. Give us a call today at (954) 921-2393 or contact us here!


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Author:  Liz Palisin

Title:  Content Marketing Specialist

As a Content Marketing Specialist, Liz is responsible for the management and execution of client’s integrated digital marketing campaigns. Responsibilities include overseeing the in-house staff production of engaging web content in the form of blogs, press releases, newsletters, case studies, social media content, and advertising campaigns. Liz works closely with staff to create the best possible campaign performance outcomes, and ultimately help our customers in the technology sector improve their return on investment and grow their businesses. In her spare time, Liz loves to get out in the San Diego sun on the beach, cooking awesome meals, or heading out to the great outdoors for camping trips.


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