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Avoiding the Nightmare Scenario: Why You Should Regularly Backup Your Website

Picture this: You assign a member of your team the task of swapping out a few images on your brand new website. This individual signs into your website platform and notices an outdated plugin. The employee clicks “Update” and with a click of a button, an unknowingly incompatible file was installed and your entire site goes down. Is your website protected? 

Everything You Should Look For In a Website Hosting Provider

Your website is your most valuable online asset.  Choosing the right website hosting provider should not be a casual consideration. Trying to figure out what services you need, and who can fulfill those requirements, can be an overwhelming task.  Where do you start? First and foremost, it begins with the recognition that not all website hosting is the same.  In this article, we will cover the ten most important service features to look for in a professional website hosting provider.  Let's start with the basics.

Should I Host My Email And Website Together?

A common question our clients face is, “should I host my email and website together?” My answer is always an emphatic “no.”  Having your email and website hosted on the same server may appear convenient, but creates a significant risk, not to mention significant hassle should you decide to change your web hosting provider.  At any given time, servers are under constant threat, and having one go down that's hosting your email and website together can disrupt both your online presence and your communications.