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Catch up on the latest industry marketing news, dive deeper into marketing strategies and best practices, and get our best digital marketing insights below. We post often, so come back regularly to continue learning!

Get the latest marketing news

Catch up on the latest industry marketing news, dive deeper into marketing strategies and best practices, and get our best digital marketing insights below. We post often, so come back regularly to continue learning!

7 Tips To Improve Your Company’s Recruiting Efforts


Acquiring the right talent and the right time is vital to the success of any business. In fact, former Chairman and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, considered building an A-List team to be the most important skill a business owner can possess. Indeed, hiring the wrong candidate for the position can be a very costly endeavor and can significantly impact profitability. Let’s look at 7 tips that will help you systematize your recruiting process so you can maximize your chances of finding qualified candidates time and time again:

1) Define the process

Just as your projects follow specific guidelines or procedures in order to allow for the best possible outcome, so too should your recruitment structure follow a defined, strategic process. The first step is outlining how this process will take shape. Each step of this process should have a specific, measureable goal as the outcome. 

2) Create a detailed job description

Your job description for the position you are recruiting for should clearly state the duties, responsibilities, skills, education and level of experience required for the job. Define what your company does, and how the candidate will be expected to support these efforts. It is also important to describe the company culture and work environment. Your job listings must make top notch job seekers think, "This is the job for me!"

3) Use a questionnaire to quickly screen candidates

Accepting traditional job applications and resumes alone can result in a huge pile of applicants, most of whom are not qualified. One way to screen out unqualified candidates is to require applicants to fill out a questionnaire as a part of the application process. By doing so, you will learn a great deal about the candidate’s background without having to ask them in person or over the phone. A test assessment can also assist you in determining if the candidate possesses the skills sets needed for the position, particularly if position is technical in nature. Requiring candidates to invest more of themselves during the application stage results in finding more qualified and committed applicants.

4) Determine where to advertise the position

The more skilled applicants you have for the position, the better your chances are of finding the perfect candidate. Ask current employees and business associates for internal referrals. You should also research various social media sites, Craigslist, trade association job boards and online classified ads. Each job board caters to a specific type of candidate, so it can pay to put some time into researching the types of sites out there before spending money on posting fees, which can quickly add up. Be sure to utilize your website for recruiting candidates by having a quality, current Career Opportunities page on your site. In some cases, it may also be worth your while to use recruiters and employment placement firms.

5) Pre-Screen applicants by telephone

 Your time is valuable, so you want to limit your time spent interviewing candidates in person by making sure you have the most qualified, competitive candidates coming in. A quick but well-structured phone screening process will help you identify which candidates are suitable to bring in for a more in-depth interview. Take this opportunity to ask direct questions and dig deeper into the applicant's accomplishments, strengths, and weaknesses. Confirm their most recent role while discussing responsibilities and reasons for leaving etc. Be sure to give the candidate an opportunity to ask questions before you conclude the phone screen. 

6) Conduct in-person interviews

The primary goal of the in-person interview is to determine if the candidate sitting in front of you is the right person for the job. Before the interview, make sure you know the essential skills a candidate must possess, and have a clear idea of the type of individual that will excel in the position. Ask questions that will not only disclose the candidate’s technical abilities but their interpersonal skills and ability to communicate as well. Most importantly, get a sense of how well the candidate’s values mesh with your organizations’ company culture.

7) Perform post-interview evaluations

Having a solid assessment framework & evaluation criteria in place makes it easier for the hiring team to assess each candidate in a similar manner. It may be helpful to use a candidate evaluation form or checklist, which can be completed immediately after the interview. A standardized post-interview process helps you gain a good overall picture of each candidate and makes it easier to choose the one that stands out as perfect for the position. Also, never forget to perform the requisite reference checks for each candidate you may be considering.

 Here at One Firefly TopGrading is the hiring methodology of choice but whichever structure or system you decide to implement, by simply formalizing your recruitment strategy you can reduce the risk of making poor hiring decisions that cost you both time and money.

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