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Catch up on the latest industry marketing news, dive deeper into marketing strategies and best practices, and get our best digital marketing insights below. We post often, so come back regularly to continue learning!

Get the latest marketing news

Catch up on the latest industry marketing news, dive deeper into marketing strategies and best practices, and get our best digital marketing insights below. We post often, so come back regularly to continue learning!

Are You Destined To Be A Highly Successful Entrepreneur?


Six Characteristics Shared By Leaders Of Great Companies

When you take a look at the attitudes, behaviors, and habits of the super successful, you will find that there are certain characteristics they all seem to share. Famous business tycoons like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs all share the six admirable qualities below, and emulating them as much as possible will put you on the fast track to mogul status!

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Their Primary Goal Is Not Getting Rich

Although financial gain is a part of what motivates them, most truly successful business owners are more excited about making a difference in their industry, creating something new, providing opportunities for others and building a company they’re proud of. Steve Jobs put it this way, “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful...that’s what matters to me.” Let passion be the driving force of your efforts, then watch the money follow.

They Are Constantly Learning

Smart business leaders understand that they don’t know it all, and are always seeking to expand their knowledge base. In today’s world where technology is constantly changing, the entrepreneurs at the top understand the necessity of staying up on the latest refinements, new products, and industry trends. They read books, listen to podcasts, watch educational videos, attend seminars and connect themselves with mentors who are experts in their field. Tom Corley, author of Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, studied 233 wealthy people over five years and found that 85% of them read two or more educational, career-related, or self-improvement books per month.

They Are Great Team Builders

Great business leaders surround themselves with great people. Robert Kiyosaki, the famous author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, told Entrepreneur in an interview, “If you’re the smartest person on your team, then your team is in trouble!” As a business owner, one of your primary responsibilities is putting together a team that shares your vision and works together to achieve common goals. Business owners who are supported by a strong team are freed to maximize their time by focusing on high impact, strategic decisions, minimizing their need to be involved in much of the day to day operations.

They Are Not Afraid To Fail

To be successful in business, you have to be able to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and act in spite of fear. All business owners experience obstacles, setbacks and even failures. What separates the good from the great, however, is how the great can leverage the feedback and information gained from these experiences to drive their business in a positive direction. One Firefly clients who are familiar with our story, know that we have not been afraid to reorganize and reinvent ourselves to find better ways serve our clients.

They Like To Network

Truly savvy entrepreneurs understand that networking is not just collecting business cards and compiling a massive contact list. It is about building valuable relationships that benefit all parties on a personal and business level. At a time when so much of how we communicate happens online, those who get out and foster personal relationships stand out, rise above the crowd and remain top of mind.

They Prioritize Effectively

Highly successful entrepreneurs set measurable goals for themselves and their business, then outline specific plans to reach them. They make sure to focus their time on the things that really make a difference in business performance. Far too many business owners feel the need to be involved in every aspect of their company, spending way too much time working in their business rather than on their business.

Begin cultivating these traits in your own life today and watch how quickly you rise above the competition.

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