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Catch up on the latest industry marketing news, dive deeper into marketing strategies and best practices, and get our best digital marketing insights below. We post often, so come back regularly to continue learning!

Google Ads: Common Objectives

Google Ads: Common Objectives

How Can SEM Attract Highly Targeted Customers To My Business?

As the go-to marketing agency in the residential and commercial audio-video, security, and automation industry, One Firefly is excited to inform you how we can help your business thrive utilizing our flagship SEM services.

One Firefly will deliver custom Google Ads Campaigns to help increase both conversions and revenue for your technology contracting business. With nearly 60 industry-trained and specialized marketing staff, our team is prepared to help integrators track and improve ROI on Google Ads investments and deliver highly targeted on-demand leads for your business.

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Instead of having to go through several marketing agencies for SEM, website, and writing needs, One Firefly is proud to house all of these capabilities with a dedicated Account Manager to guide you through the process. You can learn more by checking out the video below on SEM with One Firefly by clicking play or previewing the transcription.




Ron: Hi there, Ron Callis, CEO at One Firefly, and I'm here to help you understand the One Firefly approach to launching our Google Ads management services as part of an integrated approach to your marketing. Now, One Firefly is unique in the world of marketing agencies, and that is primarily because we only work with companies like yours. We have only worked with integrators and technology professionals since our inception. Actually, for my entire professional career over the last 20 years, I've worked with integrators. It's really that industry focus, that industry specialization, all of the thousands of conversations that my team has had. It's likely, in fact, tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of conversations that we've had with integrators of all shapes and sizes at all points of tenure in their business and or in their marketplace to really help us understand where you're coming from.

Our goal is and always has been to help you grow. That industry focus really makes us different than most other companies out there. Now, everything we do it One Firefly has, in fact, been born out of these conversations, so those conversations where you tell us where it hurts, or you tell us what you wish was different, or you tell us, "I understand you do A, but I really wish you did B." It was through that dialogue, those conversations that ultimately led to launching Google Ads services, but also many of the products and services that you witness at One Firefly. Our approach to websites, our approach to SEO, our approach to email management, social media, our reviews solution, Review Champ, Lead Concierge. All of these different products were born out of feedback from our customers.

One thing that makes One Firefly incredibly unique, not only as a marketing agency but really in our approach to working with our clients, the integrator, is the fact that we primarily focus on robust communication, both internally at One Firefly and with our clients. We demonstrate that. We put our money where our mouth is through the ratio of account managers to customers. Here in this picture, in the middle, you're seeing Jordan. He's one of our Account Managers at One Firefly. All of our Account Managers only have between 15 and 30 customers. We do that based on the amount of volume of work that we're supporting each customer with, but so that we can make sure that the Account Manager is able to stay tuned and into all the activities that are happening at One Firefly on your behalf and that we're always available to communicate with you in order to keep your marketing moving forward, in order to keep your company growing. Now, that relationship between the Account Manager and our customers led to the feedback from our customers, where they pointed out a number of different areas of their business, where they wanted to see improvement in their marketing. This ultimately led to us launching SEM or Google Ads management. Within that approach, you notice in this diagram here of this picture that the roof of this house is the Account Manager. But let's go ahead and let's go to the foundation.

The foundation is our industry experience. The fact that every person at One Firefly, we have just under 60 people on staff today when we're recording this. It's the end of April 2021. That industry experience and the fact that our team is working with integrators every day. We're going and attending manufacturer training. We are challenging each other to be better and critiquing and quality, controlling our work internally, it means that we understand you. We understand where you're coming from and what you're trying to accomplish. And then you layer onto that all the different facets of marketing. Of course, in this diagram, you now see that we have the building block of SEM. SEM is a strategy that most likely out there in the wild. You're going to see agencies that are Google ad agencies exclusively, and that's what they do. You separately would have to go to your web agency, and you'd separately have to hire outside writers, maybe. So on and so forth, the fact that all of those capabilities that I know your business needs are under one roof, and you have an Account Manager here to help guide you through the process that really does make One Firefly unique.

When you look at Google Ads, that's simply a new tool in the tool belt. In the video I just recorded and sent out a couple of weeks ago, I helped you understand the why. What are all the different reasons why and the areas of your business or the type of business or maybe the conditions of your business that would really demonstrate why an on-demand style of marketing might be best? It might not always be best. But again, remember, business is dynamic. Business is fluid. Market conditions today are different than they were a year ago. And guess what? In a year from now, they will also likely be different. It's really giving One Firefly a tool to wield on behalf of our clients based on what they need to do, where they want to go and how they want to grow. One of the common pushbacks we've received regarding Google Ads or the conversation is that it's too expensive. I'm going to communicate to you here that the concept is called funnel math, the idea that you have leads coming in the top of the funnel, and ultimately you want sales coming in or coming out of the bottom of the funnel. The goal is that the money you spend to bring the leads into the top funnel, top of the funnel, ultimately can convert in the form of ROI return on investment to make sense so that the math makes sense.

If you're spending, say, $30,000 a year on a Google Ads campaign through attribution and the ability to track what's come in, you want to be able to demonstrate for your business that the business, the jobs that you've sold, the net profit of those jobs, has ultimately yielded a greater return than what was your initial investment. Google Ads, when practiced as a component of an integrated strategy, it works. It delivers that return on investment. I'll give you a little bit more data here, both in this video and in future content, to prove that point. The other feedback we get is, "Well, I want leads, but I don't want bad leads. I'm too busy right now." Particularly right now, in the Spring of 2021, everybody is very busy. The key is to know what you want. Maybe you want home theater leads. Maybe you want home networking leads. Maybe you want outdoor entertainment leads. Maybe you want to sell two-channel audio. If you know what you want, then the ad strategy can be designed to deliver on-demand leads of that type. Now, due to the nature of Google Ads, you generally do get higher volumes of traffic visiting your website. You generally get higher volumes of leads, which means you get great leads, good leads, and you get bad leads. You just have to be ready and willing to throw the bad leads out and not judge the great leads or the good leads harshly because you did get more noise. I want you to know I understand that you don't want time-wasting leads, and our strategies are designed to deliver that.

Another common pushback is you guys are all very busy right now. I know that, but you also have been around long enough to know that business is not always like that. Business runs in cycles. There are times of feast, and there are times, hopefully not a famine, but there are times that are a little leaner or a little more competitive. My question to you is there are two major factors right now on the horizon that when you look forward six to 12 months, I want to know if you can predict the future. One of those is that the world is getting vaccinated. The United States is leading the charge on vaccinations. What is going to be the impact when that consumer decides to start taking vacations? They start to travel again, and perhaps they might stop spending as much time at home or spending as much money on their home renovations. What are you going to do then?

The other major factor here in the United States is that the new presidential administration is pushing an agenda of ultimately changing the tax rates. Earners making over one million or more potentially will soon see their tax rate for long-term capital gains increase from 15, potentially as high as 37 percent or more, matching their personal income tax rates. If it gets passed in Congress, this has the potential to change the luxury spending habits of your clients. Will it? I don't know. But it's better to be aware that that might happen and to be putting marketing strategies in play to help you fight back. Now, lastly, in terms of an objection or a push back, we've heard I've tried it in the past, and it did not work. I'm letting you know that my team and I have heard that feedback for many years.

We've designed our approach to Google Ads very much by design to deliver a much higher probability of conversions. It's everything from the keyword strategies to the ad messaging strategies, to the strategies of driving those leads into beautifully designed landing pages designed to convert full attribution technologies so that we can tell you, are they calling you? Are they filling out forms? Are they engaging with live chat and then giving you an Account Manager with the time that they can spend to work with you to help you understand the data and help to ultimately further optimize that campaign to deliver results. I know that you're concerned, and you're coming in skeptical. Still, I'm letting you know we are very confident, very excited with already the preliminary results because we've already seen those results coming in.

One Integrator Says: 

“I'd like to thank everyone on the team for their efforts with our GHT Group Google Ad campaign. Since we began this initiative, we've seen such numerous leads coming in that we absolutely see this as a tremendous value. The leads are turning into closed sales, both small and large, everything from some cash and carry audio sales to full projects that include dedicated theaters, outdoor entertainment, and full new construction whole-house automation projects." 
– Eric Joy (GHT Group)

I'm going to give you just an example of one here. I'm going to read this to you. This is from Eric Joy over at GHT. We started working with him. We actually took over his Google Ads or their Google Ads. Eric and Kenny over there at GHT from another Google Ads management firm. It said, "I'd like to thank everyone on the team for their efforts with our GHT Group Google Ad campaign. Since we began this initiative, we've seen such numerous leads coming in that we absolutely see this as a tremendous value. The leads are turning into closed sales, both small and large, everything from some cash and carry audio sales to full projects that include dedicated theaters, outdoor entertainment, and full new construction whole-house automation projects." It doesn't get much better than that. Thank you, Eric and team.

What has occurred so far is that One Firefly started quietly offering Google Ads to the industry last March 2020. It was interesting that it timed with the COVID outbreak. It was really a lifesaver for many integrators. What's happening now is that we are prepared to launch this to the industry at large. Regardless of whether you have a One Firefly site, regardless of whether you are currently doing digital marketing, we're going to be ready to serve you. I just want you to stay tuned. I have more messages coming in the coming weeks as we are gearing up. There's a lot of excitement and anticipation here at One Firefly to better serve our industry. It's been my pleasure. Thank you for spending thirteen minutes with me here listening to this video, and I will see you soon. Thanks so much.


Give our team at One Firefly a call at 954-921-2393, or check out our SEM Services page to learn more about getting started on your SEM campaign today!

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