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4 Reasons to Implement Facebook Advertising in your Business’s Ad Campaign

Facebook Advertising Offers Easy, User-Friendly Ways to Increase Your Reach

Often, when considering channels to reach your target consumer, Google Ads seems like an obvious approach. With a vast user base, Google is guaranteed to be used by your target market every single day. The troubling oversight with Google Ads is users of Google have a pre-existing interest in your industry or market, and actively search for related products or services. These are users that have already been tapped by advertisements and are potentially already brand loyal.

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What about the users that aren’t actively searching within your industry? What about the users that might be interested, but haven’t been reached by related content? To get in front of this audience, we look to Facebook Advertising.  

1. Look Alike Audience

Due to the nature of Facebook, the platform stands to know a lot about each user; from the specific mobile device they use to access their account, to their interests and relationship status. With this deep understanding of users, we can seek out new consumers by targeting people who like things that our current target market likes. Now, we have the ability to get in front of consumers that might be new to the product or industry, but are highly likely to have an interest, based on their similarities to our current target market.


2. Vast User Base

One simple and clear reason to use Facebook Advertising is the sheer volume of users. With 1.65 billion actively monthly users, your target market is bound to be in there somewhere. Surpassing a host of other social media platforms, Facebook is the most popular social network, on a global scale.


3. High Ad Quality = Bigger Results

Like Google, Facebook Advertising’s algorithm is a sheer mystery, but over time we can begin to understand how to perform well against it. By avoiding spammy content and too many words within images, Facebook works to reward higher-quality ads that are rich in content, and that lead the reader to an appropriately targeted site, with similar material.

The longer the user spends clicked through your ad, likely touring your website or reading a blog, the higher your ad will rank within Facebook, under the assumption that your content was good and kept the reader intrigued, and away from Facebook.


4. Simple Interface

The Facebook Advertising interface is clean and simple to use, offering an impressive collection of user tools and FAQ’s, complete with optimization tools for both drafting the ads and running them. Your ad will go through a Facebook review process and will either be accepted or rejected, following review of the content and imagery used.   The platform allows offers extensive demographic and market choices providing an estimated reach, based on the criteria you enter.
Facebook Advertising offers advertisers an inexpensive and easy approach to running ads, while allowing us to tap new users and gain reach and market share.

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Author:  Michelle Rose

Title:  Marketing Administrative Assistant

About:  As Marketing Administrative Assistant at One Firefly, Michelle provides much needed support to the Creative Team by serving as the main point of contact for client communication. In addition, she performs a variety of administrative tasks including compiling marketing reports and publishing campaign deliverables.




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