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How to Improve a Team’s Customer Service Skills

A good buying experience is what keep your clients coming back time and time again. One of the best ways to grow your business is to focus on improving your team to ensure an excellent buying experience for the customer. Below are three ways to improve a team’s customer service skills:

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1.  Request feedback

Feedback forces a company to listen to their customer's needs and wants actively. By requesting consistent feedback, you can learn what is required to shape and mold your team into better customer service agents. For example, utilizing social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and other social channels, will give customers the chance to provide feedback on overall satisfaction. Use online marketing to not only grow your customer engagement but to give your clients an educational platform to ask questions or raise concerns.  

2.  Enhance your customer service strategy

Do your clients have readily available support? Most consumers are online before they're in the store, meaning they probably have questions as they browse your company site. Services such as live chat can help to improve a team’s overall customer service skills. Live chat enables the team to see inquiries instantly, providing fast and efficient support right there on the spot. Responsiveness is vital to retaining a positive organizational ethos.

Having a  mobile-friendly website is vital to the ease of access for buyers and will provide a frustration-free experience for those on the go. Your website may be the first thing your customers will see, so having mobile fluidity will leave a positive impression for those seeking information rapidly and on any device. Customers will appreciate the ease of access when having a mobile-responsive site versus one that doesn’t flow well on their phone.

3.  Get personal

Your clients want to feel like they are speaking with a real person, whether it’s over email or through FAQ’s. Offer more than an automatic response by hiring real people to provide personalized support. One Firefly’s Lead Concierge service will not only provide a personal touch but will generate leads at the same time.

Also, blogging is another great way to show off customer service skills through informative posts and pictures. Blogs demonstrate that your business has an online presence, letting clients know they have an educational channel to reference at all times. Creating quality content will engage customers and keep them in the loop, leaving them informed and aware of your products.

Take the time to enhance your online interaction with clients. This will give your business the boost it needs in the customer service department. Not to mention, attract traffic and generate leads. Stay in tune with your clients by actively listening to their wants and needs through platforms such as social media and feedback systems. Then deliver support as conveniently and efficiently as possible through services such as Live chat and blogging.

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Author:  Stephani Mitchell

Title:  Client Support Associate

As Client Support Associate at One Firefly, Stephani is responsible for helping with the Lead Concierge service, as well as maintaining client relationships. With an extensive background in customer service and support, she ensures each client experience is of the highest quality. She also plans to assist with content production such as posting blogs and market research. Stephani is soon receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Business Communications from the University of Phoenix. On her free-time, Stephani enjoys her daily yoga practice, cooking delicious vegan meals, and spending time with her many pets at home in sunny San Diego.




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