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Catch up on the latest industry marketing news, dive deeper into marketing strategies and best practices, and get our best digital marketing insights below. We post often, so come back regularly to continue learning!

Get the latest marketing news

Catch up on the latest industry marketing news, dive deeper into marketing strategies and best practices, and get our best digital marketing insights below. We post often, so come back regularly to continue learning!

In The AV And Automation Industry, It’s All About The Client Experience


Does Your Company Succeed In Giving The Right Client Experience?

In a world where most companies are pushing e-commerce websites or black box solutions, the AV and automation industry has held back. Why? Because integrators aren’t simply selling an amplifier or smart TV—they’re selling an experience. A lot of companies excel at being “technology concierges” with first-class customer support, but that’s just one part of your client’s experience with your company.

Let’s rewind back to the first interactions your client has with your company. During that time, are you still providing the same high-end experience? Here’s how your company can create that effortless, high-end experience from beginning to end.

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During The Client’s Discovery/Decision-Making Process

Before your customer ever gets on the phone and speaks with a member of your team, they’ve already gotten a sense of your company through your website, print advertising, social media, etc. Your company’s online presence serves as a strong indicator to potential buyers that you are or are not a good fit for their needs. That’s why it’s important to take a look at your overall branding and messaging to see if the image you’re hoping to convey is actually coming across the right way.

This goes far beyond having a photo gallery of previous work or a website page that talks about your process (although both of these things are quite beneficial). It’s more about giving your client the information they need as quickly and easily as possible. You want your online presence to give the impression that you are there to help your client, educate them, and provide them with whatever resources they need.

So let’s talk about what that might look like. On your website, consider having a blog page with articles on the latest neat products you can add to your home automation system or FAQ guides about certain technologies. You could have video tutorials that show how the interface works or interactive media that lets them explore what it’s like to have smart technologies in their homes. Your website should also be easy to navigate on desktop or mobile device, with contact information accessible on every page. A live chat service could go a long way toward giving the impression that your company is ready to answer questions or solve problems immediately.

During Ongoing Support

This is the area where integrators most often focus on the client experience. You might offer free maintenance or paid service packages, and perhaps you even make the effort to follow up with clients after six months to ensure that everything is to their liking. It’s important not to let the client relationship drop off your radar simply because you have the check in hand. Instead, consider scheduling client follow-ups for six months after each installation is completed. A simple phone call from you will go a long way toward ensuring that those customers stay customers for life.

Here, too, your online presence can help the customer experience. Consider adding a library of tutorial videos to your website. After finishing a project, you can send the customer a link to this library, which has quick videos explaining how to perform common tasks such as setting up lighting scenes or scheduling climate control changes. Not only will this cut down on support requests, but it will also give the impression that your company is concerned about helping their clients make the most of their investment in smart technology. A monthly newsletter can also help achieve those habitual touchpoints and helpful guidance.

It’s all about the client experience. If you feel your online presence isn’t providing that top-quality experience for your customers, contact us. We can provide you with the marketing tools you need to promote the right look and feel with your website.

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