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Catch up on the latest industry marketing news, dive deeper into marketing strategies and best practices, and get our best digital marketing insights below. We post often, so come back regularly to continue learning!

Get the latest marketing news

Catch up on the latest industry marketing news, dive deeper into marketing strategies and best practices, and get our best digital marketing insights below. We post often, so come back regularly to continue learning!

Top 4 Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid


Circumvent These Common Errors to Ensure Content Marketing Success

When you incorporate content into your marketing strategy, you are working towards establishing a long-standing relationship with the consumer. As you provide your audience with valuable information and tools, they have a reason to trust in and look to you. Inevitably, this symbiosis leads to meaningful conversions with the right kind of customer. Content marketing has proven itself over and over again in helping businesses develop brand identity and presence.

However, simply deciding to produce content does not guarantee these results; a strong strategy is necessary to ensure a campaign’s success. Throughout the planning stages, it is imperative that you understand common mistakes that could keep you from reaching your goals; awareness is the first step to avoidance. During the planning stages, two considerations are of the utmost importance: what audience you would like to reach and which topics will help define your company. During production, the tone and SEO value of your content will take center stage. Consider the following four errors that can occur during either the planning or production stages of your content marketing project:

Mistake 1: Content Without Value

A good piece of content writing has intention behind it and provides useful advice. The consumer should gain valuable information or a solution to a problem from reading the article. If the content poses a problem, then it should also answer it. The idea being that the reader will not look further than your page to find the information they need. If your customer stays with you for answers, then they may stay with you for more tangible solutions.

To create valuable content for your consumer, you must understand their needs. You must get ahead of the questions your customer will have, then plan to produce content that will provide answers.

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Mistake 2: Your Content Doesn’t Match Your Audience

To be useful, your content needs to cater to what your consumer would like to read, not just on what your company would like to focus. Therefore, you need to have a full understanding of your audience, which will require some forethought.

The first step is creating a target market demographic. Then, you research what the concerns of that market are, and how they communicate. As you produce your content, the writing should take on this tone. Perhaps you have multiple target points with some diverging interests. This may require a strategy consisting of multiple pieces of content on similar topics adjusted to each audience.

Mistake 3: Your Content Is Poorly Written

Even if you’ve produced useful content for your particular audience, a poorly written article is an unread article. Given the plethora of information available to them, the modern consumer is not going to spend time struggling through typos, grammar mistakes, or rambling sentences. That is, if they can even find it. Google does not favor poorly produced content and is likely to bury it behind better written results.

Therefore, you should take the writing process very seriously by diligently checking for errors in grammar and style before posting. It is also advisable to invest in dedicated writers for your project who will focus their attention on these details.

Mistake 4: Your Content Is Too Concerned With Advertising

If the primary concern of your content is marketing yourself, then you’ve make a huge content marketing mistake. As we discussed earlier, your writing should first and foremost be useful. Remember: when the article helps the reader, the article helps your business. If you produce an article that succeeds in educating the consumer, they are much more likely to share that information with others than if they feel they are being sold a product. Engaging content will help you build a loyal, trusting client base.

It is, therefore, important that you exhibit your expertise through your content. You should be a trustworthy source, who is up to date on the latest and greatest in your field.

As you begin to plan your content marketing strategy, remember that you don’t have to go through the process alone. Contact us to learn how to avoid these mistakes and others.

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