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3 Reasons You Should Be Using Unique Imagery vs. Stock Imagery

When it comes to building a successful brand for technology integrators, exhibiting unique visual content is key. It’s no surprise that most people who are visiting your website or receiving your marketing materials are going to spend more than 50% of their time looking at the images that reflect your service or products offered. Your brand is the visual language that communicates and connects emotionally with your target audience. So why should you use unique imagery instead of traditional stock imagery? Here are three important reasons:

Unique imagey expresses your vision, not someone else's.

Unique, original imagery tells a story about your brand and precisely indicates how you separate yourself from your competition. Choosing to use stock photography is essentially borrowing someone else's look and feel and doesn’t always accurately convey what makes you unique. Because the decision to purchase a product or service is often emotional in nature, you want the imagery that you present to your referrals and potential clients to be unique and professional in nature, and thus conjure a stronger emotional connection than traditional stock imagery.

Unique imagery provides your audience with a unique experience.

Let's face it, you won't be the first to use that stock image you admired, and you definitely won't be the last. Stock images often offer standard and extended licenses to any individual who purchases them and, in some cases, can even be free. Some image licenses even allow for more than 500,000+ uses. The more that image is used on multiple websites, and different industries, the less unique your online presence becomes and your audience (including your referrals) will certainly take notice. 

Unique imagery can provide a valuable return on investment (ROI).

The reason that most technology integrators don’t use unique imagery is because taking professional photographs of their projects can be costly and difficult to arrange. Taking the time and energy to do so, however, can prove a very worthy investment as those pictures can serve as a business development tool that can help you win more jobs.

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Author:  Nathalie Calvin

Title:  Art Director

About:  As Art Director at One Firefly, Nathalie is responsible for producing and designing, both internal and client facing, collateral materials including but not limited to direct-mail pieces, flyers, logos and brochures. Nathalie also leads in the innovation and development of new products and services for the graphic department. After graduating from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Nathalie developed a marketing campaign for an all-natural sleeping beverage that later featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. In 2015 she joined One Firefly and assisted in re-designing the Sales Portfolio. When Nathalie is not glued to a computer screen she spends time with her family and friends by torturing them as she plays the guitar and sings songs by The Weeknd.




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