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What Are The Digital Steps In Your Customer’s Journey?

When your best friend says, “Trust me, you’ll love this resort!” or a family member exclaims, “Believe me, this restaurant is fantastic!” do you simply take their word for it and make a reservation based solely on the recommendation from someone you trust? Or, instead, do you make a quick Google search and check out the hotel or restaurant’s website, browse some photos, and perhaps read some reviews? The ease of checking up on a business online means that referrals will inevitably end up visiting your website. These digital steps have become part of the journey for technology integration customers. Here are 3 tips to build credibility with these customers:

 1.    Visual step: Seeing is believing

During a CEDIA education course in 2013, One Firefly CEO, Ron Callis Jr., asked a group of 60 electronic systems contractors how many of them take photos of their projects. The number of hands raised was less than 10. In this sampling nearly 80% of media design and installation pros are not actively capturing their own work. For our industry, it means new clients, architects, and designers just have to take our word for it. Photos speak a thousand words and have become the visual storytellers in this digital age. A prospective buyer wants to see examples of past projects. Even though pictures of wire installations, AV gear and control interfaces aren’t always the most glamorous, seeing that it exists in an actual home or facility is validating. Your website should fully showcase your firm’s professional capabilities by displaying images of your projects.

TIP 1: Take photos of every stage of your projects and show your work online.

2. Validation step: Read what others are saying

Here’s a testimonial on the website of one particular Michigan-based integrator: Peter continues to be a leader in his industry, and provides creative and effective solutions to AV, Entertainment, Home Automation and Security needs for my clients and colleagues. You will never second guess your decision to use a top quality company and individual like AD+E and Peter Cook.
These words are much more credible than just reading what AD+E has to say about themselves. Enough said.

TIP 2: Collect testimonials and post them on your website.

3. Connection step: People do business with people

Do you have photos of the company owners and other staff on your website? Seeing a human face helps establish trust and connection. Residential clients are considering you to work in their private homes which directly impact the lives of their families. Getting a chance to see who they will hire to provide a custom electronics installation is reassuring. Additionally, commercial clients respect companies who are proud to showcase their employees and it demonstrates professionalism.

TIP 3:  People make the difference, make them visible on your website and easy for visitors to connect with.

Digital steps your future clients take now include visiting your website to see your projects, testimonials, and who is on your team. With our recently expanded line of Mercury Websites, you’ll have a chance to showcase all of these features and more, helping to immediately improve your effectiveness in winning over referrals.


author ron callis small

Author:  Ron Callis

Title:  CEO

About:  Ron Callis, Jr., the founder of One Firefly, is an engineer with tremendous people skills, unbridled energy, and a passion for excellence.  With a Mechanical Engineering degree from Virginia Tech under his hood and successful sales career tracks at two innovative, leading technology manufacturers, Lutron and Crestron, the spark was ignited for Ron to build and drive his own high performance business.  After helping hundreds of technology service professionals expand their companies with smart home technology, the wheels began turning for Ron to leverage his engineering know-how, assertive sales ingenuity, and industry experience.  In 2007 he founded Firefly Design Group (now One Firefly) which has become the leading marketing firm specializing within the integrated technology and security space.




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