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Welcome, Katelynn Meyer

Katelynn Meyer is One Firefly’s newest addition to the web team as a web designer. Katelynn is a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate of the University of Toledo where she concentrated in New Media Design Practices.

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Welcome, Brenna Basden

Brenna was raised in the Houston, Texas suburbs with her close-knit family of six. After taking on piano lessons at a young age, Brenna continued to refine her musical ear through high school, where she quickly discovered her passion for English. Although she continues to play piano today, Brenna said no to a college degree in music theory and rigorously studied the etymology of English, the mechanics of poetry and prose, and all periods of English literature.

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Here’s How Video Helps Boost Your Website’s Visibility

Climb Up the Search Ladder with Embedded Video Content

The internet is an incredibly noisy place with countless websites just like yours trying to compete for the top spot on Google and other search engines. You’ve probably heard that search engine optimization (or SEO) plays a big role in getting your website to Page 1 in search.

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Welcome, Alex Campbell

Alex Campbell is excited to join One Firefly as the team’s newest Content Marketing Specialist. Alex grew up in various parts of the country and settled in Philadelphia when he came to college at Temple University. After exploring a few different majors to find the perfect fit (Advertising, Graphic Design, and Entrepreneurship) Alex graduated in 2017 with his BBA in Marketing. Throughout the last few years, he’s held various positions along the digital marketing spectrum across multiple industries including a fine dining restaurant, a high-end gym, and various small agencies.

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Welcome, Maggie McCombs

Maggie McCombs just joined the One Firefly team as a content writer and is proud to be the only Kentuckian in their remote workforce. Maggie attended the University of Georgia where she studied linguistics and Spanish.

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PHP7: What You Need To Know

The world of web technology is buzzing over an exciting transition into the latest version of a common programming language. PHP (or Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the most prevalent server-side scripting languages used across the web. In short, it allows developers to “call” a server in order to create dynamic components on a web page. If you have a One Firefly site, PHP is a major ingredient of it’s build.

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